Is this thing on…..


I mean, is this thing on?

I think I forgot I had a blog at all.

No, that is a lie.  I didn’t forget.  I just didn’t write anything.

Duh.  Obvious.

So, here are some random thoughts as of late:

  • this summer I played a drunk in a show
  • this summer I said Atta Girl
  • I don’t think I had ever said that before
  • nor will I say it again
  • except to a little girl named Eden
  • who said I was her favorite character
  • and perfected her Atta Girl
  • Atta Girl Eden.
  • our puppy Max still poops inside
  • but he is a stealth pooper
  • so we find it in crazy places
  • Jack is taller than me
  • he is nearly taller than Michael
  • this was not discussed with me beforehand
  • I miss Clifford the Big Red Dog.
  • John Ritter was his voice.
  • I used to watch Three’s Company.
  • Like when I was 10.
  • And I loved Mrs. Roper.
  • I wanted to wear bracelets that clicked together like hers.
  • oh whatever.
  • Lauren has an obsession with Taylor Swift.
  • Have you ever heard Taylor Swift being sung by a 7 year old?
  • that has been speaking english for a little under 3 years?
  • and has headphones on
  • good times
  • Katie is taking an art class
  • and designs clothes
  • and makes stop motion movies with her American Girl Dolls
  • one of them pushed another one off a ledge
  • yes
  • we are edgy
  • Sam has been cast in an American Opera at OCU
  • this is a big deal
  • I am still figuring out what an American Opera is
  • I have had this weird fascination with Milk duds
  • I hate it when things get stuck in my teeth
  • speaking of teeth
  • I need to get mine cleaned
  • I hate going to the dentist
  • and the scraping
  • and the flavor of the toothpaste
  • and the grit
  • never mind about the cleaning
  • Michael built an amazing AMAZING turntable at Poteet Theater
  • it is truly mind blowing
  • he rocks
  • and he is cute too
  • Maisy barks at the wind
  • at 3 am
  • and scares the poop out of me
  • especially when my husband is working on a turntable
  • at 3am
  • I miss New York
  • I want to go to Hawaii
  • and Disneyland
  • what if they combined all 3
  • I may die
  • Football season has begun
  • I LOVE it.
  • I am one of those moms
  • you know the ones
  • but when Jack goes out to kick, I get stomach pains
  • and sweaty palms
  • and then I eat more milk duds
  • I can’t wait for colder weather
  • I want to wear boots
  • and have a fire in the fireplace
  • and wear boots
  • and make soup
  • I think often of cutting my hair shorter
  • then I look at photos of me with my hair shorter
  • I love Udi’s bread
  • it almost tastes like regular bread
  • almost
  • especially if you put enough butter on it
  • I need a topic for a book
  • maybe the desire I have for bread and butter
  • my house smells like fall
  • and I love that
  • my kids have been begging me since July to decorate for fall
  • now they are begging to listen to Christmas music.
  • not gonna happen.
  • Hobby Lobby has Christmas stuff out
  • have you noticed that most commercials on TV are about medicines
  • and then the side effects that they list are awful?
  • I’m sure that dizziness, nausea, vomiting, night sweats and thought of violence and suicide might be better then a disease of some sort.
  • kinda.
  • I am having a lazy day.
  • like a sit on my bed and text my husband
  • with the riveting news that Dragon Tales is on NetFlix!
  • dude
  • this is big news my friends
  • Zac and Wheezy?  Hello?
  • it all comes back to Jack
  • and his height.
  • and now I will go cry a little
  • and eat more bread and butter.
  • maybe a milk dud
  • Atta Girl.

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