Things that I love- (or have been pondering.) (yes) (I am scatterbrained)

  • they make a sticker for cars that says 0.0  I Don’t Run.
  • I cried a little when I found that out.
  • truer words never written on a bumper sticker
  • well
  • unless it is “my honor student beat up your kid”
  • or an “I heart my dog’s head” one.
  • I have tried to like running
  • I don’t
  • I think it may stem from PE in 6th grade and we had to run the mile
  • and I cried
  • in front of the PE teacher.
  • and she said to take another lap.
  • and then I cried more.
  • the end.
  • My house smells like cinnamon and vanilla.
  • I am not baking.
  • I am fake baking.
  • to make my house smell like I am baking.
  • sheesh.
  • issues?
  • Maisy has been in attack the squirrels mode.
  • and the squirrels don’t give a rip.
  • they stand their ground and stare at her.
  • and she stares at them.
  • and they stare at her.
  • and I call “Maisy, Maisy come in sweetie”
  • and she ignores me
  • and then I buzz her and she comes in.
  • she then stares out the window at the squirrels
  • who are smoking cigarettes, drinking hi balls and laughing heartily in her direction
  • Oklahoma squirrels are partay animals
  • no joke
  • we found 2 scorpions in our house
  • now that is fun
  • they are mowing the hay meadow
  • there was a copperhead across the street
  • I have an obsession with Diet Cranberry Sierra Mist
  • they run out of it quickly
  • everywhere
  • and it makes me crabby
  • I don’t like knick knacks
  • they make me crabby
  • wow
  • a lot of things make me crabby
  • Not I love Lucy
  • that makes me happy
  • especially the episode “Ethel’s Home Town”
  • go watch it now
  • you are welcome
  • I can’t wait for Thanksgiving
  • I can’t wait for stuffing.
  • CRAP
  • I am not eating wheat or sugar.
  • maybe I will just make the veggies from the stuffing.
  • yeah.
  • that will be the same.
  • NOT
  • We are considering traveling far for Summer vacation
  • an absolute dream of mine
  • praying that airfare is low
  • I hate all the scary commercials on right now
  • so do my girls
  • speaking of my girls
  • Katie celebrated her birthday at school today
  • yep
  • her birthday is July 8th.
  • I don’t get it.
  • but I took cookies
  • and didn’t go to take photos.
  • am I a bad mom??
  • I mean really
  • her birthday is in July.
  • sheesh.  Mom guilt
  • Michael and I went to see Hall and Oates
  • they were awesome
  • still looked good too
  • I was worried they would look old
  • and come out smokin
  • and with walkers
  • but they rocked
  • it was in a casino
  • my hair smelled like smoke for days
  • and I had a hankerin to sit on a stool and push a button
  • I should be doing my laundry
  • I should be working out
  • I haven’t worked out much
  • I know, I know
  • I don’t like jello
  • or pudding much.
  • swiss cheese makes Michael’s mouth itch
  • should I cut my hair shorter?
  • or get bangs?
  • why are they called bangs?
  • where is all the fall scented soaps?
  • can I make cookie dough without flour or sugar
  • I get to go to NYC
  • I am speaking at my old church’s Tea in Dec.
  • you, who read my blog should be laughing.
  • I am snarky.  And scattered.
  • this should be fun!
  • and now
  • I am off to go running.
  • to the fridge to get some more cranberry splash.
  • I don’t think that will do damage to my sticker.
  • 0.0 for life.
  • Goodbye.
  • forever.
  • (or until they run out of soda)

2 thoughts on “0.0

  1. You are PSYCHOOOOO. Can you name that movie? 🙂
    Ohhh and stop drinking soda
    You know if you stopped sitting on your butt watching the dog chase squirrels and went and chased the squirrels yourself it would be good exercise and amusing to the dog.
    You know “I heart my dog head” is a Darragh quote, WHY are you quoting Darragh?
    You know if you got off your butt and washed your hair it wouldn’t smell of smoke.
    They are called bangs because Fringe is an annoying word.
    You know when they trim your bangs they first put water on them which makes them “moist”.
    Ohhh if you got off your butt and got on a treadmill we could get you a sticker for your car that said 4.4 I walk on a treadmill. Or if you got off your bum 4.5 I walk the dog.
    Don’t run it messes up your knees.
    Ohhhh if a kid asks to have hair removal…the hell it is flipping hair get it waxed. Go learn lessons about acceptance/loving yourself on another topic. If I see your kids with monobrows I will come wax it myself. If something this simple makes them feel good, go for it.
    Stop fake baking it will just make you want to snack.
    You are crabby because you are sitting on your butt, move and the endorphins will kick in and then you will be happy.
    If you are still crabby call me and I will cheer you up and tell you, you are a snarky little beastie.

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