Random thoughts on a crazy summer.

Well hi!

To say that this summer was crazy might be an understatement.  I can’t write paragraphs about it- but I can give you my thoughts.  Random.  Quirky.  Odd.  Just like me.

  • It was hot.
  • Like fry and egg on the sidewalk hot.
  • Like sit inside with 4 kids and pray for rain hot.
  • Like too hot to even go to the pool.
  • did I mention is it was hot?
  • BOTH my sisters and husbands and my niece came to visit this summer.
  • oh how I wish we lived closer.
  • I hate fake eyelashes.
  • I also am not fond of purple eye shadow.
  • I am SO white.
  • I had to dance
  • in Hairspray
  • sorry to all who witnessed the atrocity of my dancing.
  • really.
  • of all my three characters, I loved playing Prudy best
  • though she is a little racist in the beginning
  • she comes around
  • and molests Seaweed.
  • that was fun
  • my gym teacher character was creepy
  • creepy mccreeperson
  • I love her
  • him
  • it
  • well
  • it was hard to know
  • It’s Pat on SNL
  • my least favorite character was the Prison Matron
  • because I had to scat
  • remember I am white
  • ok
  • Lauren has a boyfriend
  • His name is Dalton
  • sad fact, he live in NYC
  • she is devastated
  • Sam rocked his role in Anya: The Journey
  • I love watching him on stage.
  • he captures my eyes and I love to watch his story onstage
  • He also makes me laugh
  • a lot
  • Katie Mei sang in Hebrew
  • and made me cry every night
  • Jack just started High School.
  • Really?
  • I mean.
  • I am NOT old enough to have a high schooler right?
  • agree with me folks.
  • and he is playing football
  • oh my heart can’t take much more
  • Sam is starting to play the clarinet
  • truly my heart can’t take more
  • I love bread
  • that is a constant
  • Maisy has a hate hate relationship with the squirrels in our yard
  • I hate cheese whiz
  • and spray cheese
  • how about cheez spelled with a z
  • Kanakuk family kamp was awesome
  • a little girl made fun of Lauren
  • and told her she would NEVER tie her shoes
  • because she only has 3 fingers
  • Lauren cried for an hour
  • and then spent the rest of the afternoon learning to tie her shoes.
  • DON’T tell this girl she can’t do something.
  • Heaven help me
  • I had to scream a lot in Hairspray
  • I had to say some strange things.
  • and chase girls.
  • I was TOTALLY typecast.
  • Michaels job is crazy.
  • I would love a date night.
  • Or a little get away.
  • To Hawaii.
  • I have so much laundry
  • I promise you a quarter of the laundry I do is clean.
  • and just thrown back in the hamper
  • because someone doesn’t put them away.
  • and they are still folded
  • under wet towels.
  • dude.
  • you know how there is a tooth fairy?
  • I think she needs to retire
  • and be replaced by a laundry fairy
  • I love oatmeal cookies
  • and pumpkin cookies with frosting
  • thanks Leah
  • I hate coffee
  • I wish I liked it
  • it is so cool to say “lets meet for coffee”
  • it is not so cool to say “lets meet for water”
  • Poodles creep me out
  • with all their puffy poofs
  • wow
  • is that descriptive or what
  • I don’t like dogs that get crappy crap around their eyes
  • sorry about the crap
  • I don’t like juice
  • or smoothies
  • I killed a scorpion on the porch yesterday
  • that sucker was tough
  • bugs make me uncomfortable.
  • so do long toenails
  • and dirt under fingernails
  • and jeans that smell bad
  • and the smell of Gain laundry detergent
  • now I have to go do laundry.
  • again.
  • well
  • until next time

Oh how she loves her boy.


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