Well helloooooo….

Yes. It is me. And I have been rather neglectful lately of this blog. So.  Now I will dazzle you with simple thoughts.  From me. I missed you too.

  • It is summer.
  • You’re welcome.
  • I know you might not have figured it out yet.
  • considering the blazing hot temperatures
  • kids at home.
  • the arguing.
  • the crying
  • the wailing
  • wait
  • that is me each time I put on my swimsuit
  • I love the smell of sunscreen
  • old school sunscreen
  • none of this unscented, good for your skin, non oily stuff
  • the girl getting her bathing suit pulled off by a dog stuff
  • and sea and ski
  • remember that?
  • how about seabreeze?
  • used that after noxema.
  • is that how you spell it?
  • and don’t even get me started on the smell of noxema.
  • heaven.
  • smell is a BIG thing for me.
  • I am knee deep in Hairspray rehearsals.
  • we open on July 13th.
  • So far I have only cried at rehearsal once.
  • well twice.
  • and why do you say knee deep when really it is like up to your neck
  • I play 3 different roles.
  • one of them, is It’s Pat.
  • SNL?
  • You tube it.
  • help me.
  • we have a momma bird with her nest on our porch
  • she had 3 babies
  • she killed 2 of them
  • the end.
  • the hay meadow needs to be tended to.
  • I reckon.
  • sorry.
  • I gave up sugar and bread.
  • I gave up my good mood
  • and kindness
  • good night nurse
  • we had fun at Family Kamp
  • yes spelled with a K
  • I ate a lot of Monster Cookies
  • hence the no sugar no bread
  • yeah.
  • we said goodbye to our sweet Fenway.
  • He was 15.
  • and it was expected.
  • I miss him.
  • and then there is Maisy.
  • who had about an hourlong stare-down with a squirrel.
  • she won.
  • Katie’s hair is growing in
  • she is so beautiful
  • and her last blood counts were……
  • so excited
  • and now I know how to read blood counts
  • Yes, yes it is true
  • I can totally play a doctor on TV
  • I love MASH
  • It’s nice to be nice to the nice.
  • anyone??
  • my birthday is soon.
  • I want cake.
  • no bread no sugar
  • crappity crap crap
  • happy birthday to me
  • NOT
  • I miss my sisters.
  • I get to see both of them soon
  • I cannot wait
  • swimming at night with my husband and kids is dreamy
  • the moon rising over the hay meadow is romantic
  • maisy just ate a cricket.
  • goodbye.
  • ew.
  • legs still moving.
  • the end.

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