Since Remission

So,  here we are.

In remission.

Well, Katie officially is in remission.

She was diagnosed on February 13th. Now not even 3 months later, she is in remission.

What just happened?

I mean really!  It seems almost like it was a dream.

Only she has lost all her hair.  And has scars on her body.  And gets tired still very easily.

And our family is different.


More intent.

More apt to hugging.

Laughing more then correcting.

Forgiving more than holding a grudge.

Realizing that life changes daily.

Realizing that we can do nothing to stop it.

Thankful that we don’t carry our burdens alone.

Thankful that we are not in control.

Amazed at how fast this life is flying by.


Our family is different.

And oddly,

we have cancer to thank.



3 thoughts on “Since Remission

  1. Sometimes the most amazing blessings come out of the saddest tradgedies. Were it not for China’s One Child Policy, we wouldn’t have our beautiful daughters. Here’s wishing Katie a permanent remission and a long happy life!

  2. Seriously? Remission already? Only God! Thanking Him for using all things, even that horrible disease, to bring your family even closer. You are all in our prayers every morning!

  3. While the doctors may never admit this, this is a true miracle. Don’t worry… the hair will grow back and the scars will fade into proud “battle wounds.” Keep the hugs going…

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