Alright.  We are about 3 weeks into our new reality.  And I am tired.  Exhausted really.  And have been eating way too much.  So here goes.  My thoughts in random form.  Which truly is how they happen.  I know.  Creepy.

  • I cannot keep up with the dog hair on my floors.
  • my older dog makes me sad.
  • he is not in pain but has a really hard time walking
  • and I have to lift him outside sometimes.
  • this is not good when he has to poop
  • sometimes I lift him and maybe just maybe I ignite the launch sequence.
  • Ew.
  • The Middle makes me laugh.
  • Modern Family makes me laugh.
  • Dance Mom’s makes me mad.
  • I can’t watch it anymore
  • Katie Mei is supposed to be resting.
  • She is exhausted.
  • But she is cleaning her room.
  • on her own.
  • I love that girl.
  • My air conditioning went on in my house
  • in March.
  • we have been watching The Facts of Life.
  • I love Tootie.
  • And Natalie.
  • who would name their kid Tootie?
  • I mean really?
  • Wait
  • I did have a friend named Twinkie Marsh.
  • really
  • I did
  • air conditioning smells a little like feet when it first clicks on
  • maybe we need a new filter
  • thrilling blog you are reading
  • I feel really bad
  • Helen Keller jokes make me laugh
  • Jack knows a bunch
  • at dinner the other night Jack made Sam laugh so hard he spit water all over
  • I could not stop laughing
  • I want to go to Hawaii
  • or England
  • last week at Chemo there was a family from England.
  • The mom said very loudly “Johnny don’t be so DAFT”
  • I think I laughed for about an hour
  • and I use that line all the time.
  • DAFT
  • dude
  • that is an awesome word
  • I have totally been stress eating
  • wish I was one of those people that couldn’t eat when stressed
  • I am not
  • I eat
  • one of the chemo drugs makes her pee red
  • freaked Michael out a little
  • heh
  • I haven’t slept through the night in 3 weeks
  • I feel like newborn baby days
  • I didn’t do well in those days
  • I got crabby
  • really crabby
  • oooh crab sounds good right now
  • right back to food
  • I may have some fun news to share soon
  • and NO
  • we are not adopting, having a baby or otherwise adding to our family in any way
  • it is pure fun
  • and crazy
  • and insane
  • and I rethinking it every second
  • but I will go through with it
  • I think
  • stay tuned for that one
  • we need a new barbque
  • The Duggar’s say “let’s grill out”
  • really?
  • grill out?
  • does anyone else say that?
  • I cannot wait for Family Kamp this summer
  • I cannot wait for a night away with my husband
  • I can wait to go wig shopping
  • anyone want a cute friendly 3 year old golden retriever
  • though I love her
  • we will keep her
  • her hair is killing me
  • well
  • I am boring myself
  • so I will go
  • aw crap
  • I just saw a fly.
  • it is WAY to early for flies.
  • goodbye.

13 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. We grilled out. When we lived in Pittsburgh. When we moved West I was so excited when someone invited me to barbeque. I thought there’d be lots of sauce. Yumm. It was just grilling out.

    Your blog poems always make me smile. 🙂

  2. I want to come hang out with y’all.
    I would totally take Maisy, but at 4 dogs my husband thinks we become the crazy dog people.
    You should know by now, no one in this area “grills”. It’s all about bbq and it’s not the same thing in the least.
    I’m considering shaving Frasier as he sheds constantly.
    I have totally wanted to shave my head and get a bunch of different wigs. That way I can match my hair to my attitude.
    Seriously, Frasier should be bald considering his size and how much he sheds. But he is such a love.
    It’s hard watching Mery. She is 14 years old and her body is finally giving out, slowly. Heartbreaking.
    I love you!

  3. I love you Jenny Markmiller. I don’t love that you all are so far away. Wish I could come over with some girls and play catchphrase. Loving you from all the way over here. Praying for you all throughout my day. Wishing I could carry some of your burden for you. I love you friend.

  4. You crack me up! I know I’m DAFT…but we “grill” at our house. We’ll grill for you soon! Well, cept we need a new grill too. Three times, I managed to use “grill” in 3 sentences in a row….ooh, this makes 4! DUDE! We were so meant to be! : )

  5. You make me smile Jenny!!!! I am SO the same way about stress eating, think I have gained 5 lbs while Doug has been gone and the girlies have been in crisis. Seriously. I even threw away all of the chocolate in the house but then ate old dried fruit. Ew….hang in there and know that you guys are on my heart and mind constantly….praying a ton up here!

  6. Yeah, ok, I really don’t know what to say about all of this. Wanna go to Harvard Square and see if we can see Meg Ryan? Oh, how I remember that day like it was yesterday. We could just go to Harvard Square and get coffee. Life was so easy back then. I miss you, JB! Think about you and your fantastic 4 babies all the time. Oh and Michael too. Keep blogging. It makes me feel like we are cuddling in bed together all over again. XOXO!

  7. I love your post Jenny! You make me happy just reading the funny things you write. We love you guys and are praying for you!

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