Welcome to the family

I have heard those words a few times in my life.  At a new church, which is most welcome.  When we entered the world of adoption, amazingly wonderful.  Even dealing with a colicky baby, we were warmly welcomed into that family as well.

This past week we have been welcomed into another family.  One I think I never anticipated being a part of.  The cancer family.  Cancer.  Wow. That is a huge word to me.  And sounds so strange rolling off my tongue.

Our sweet girl, Katie Mei has been diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkins Lymphoma.  We are are thankful that we found out, thankful that we have an amazingly wonderful family physician who is walking through this with us.  And now, we have a brand new family.  One that includes a doctor who is kind, and knows his stuff- and also treated Katie Mei with kindness, humor and truly listened and answered her every question.  A new family that includes what I perceive to be our lifeline- the sweet nurses.  And the other children and families sharing this road.  How blessed we are.

So, here we are.  On a road we didn’t expect.  Our families life is diverted, changed.  And certainly not in the direction we were headed.  Or so we thought.  We have been comforted and convicted in the fact that this journey is not a surprise for our God.  He knew that we would be walking this road.  He knew that our sweet Katie Mei would be facing this big monster called Cancer.

Above all else, we feel Him.  We feel His overwhelming love and peace and ultimately his healing.  Katie Mei said to me yesterday “Momma, I am scared.  That word, cancer is so scary.  But  Momma, God is bigger then this.  He is bigger, and I want other people to know that.” My sweet girl, indeed God is bigger then this cancer that has invaded your beautiful body.

I wish it was me.  I wish I had those awful cells multiplying inside me.  But, it is my sweet girl.  So while we didn’t expect this path, didn’t see this turn in the road, here we are.  Facing this rough patch.  All the while having the Lord go before us making our path a little smoother.

And a brand new family to face it with.

Welcome to the family.

We are thankful for it.