Wait. I have a blog?


I mean, I know I have a facebook account.  I know I have laundry sitting ready to be folded and put away.  I KNOW I have 4 kids. (right??  no more have popped in without me knowing?)  But a blog?


Ok, so without further ado, the things that have kept me occupied over the past weeks.

  • football games
  • football practices
  • auditions
  • dance class
  • voice lessons
  • a child who will not stop talking
  • and not in Chinese
  • “I no like-a Chinese”
  • to quote said daughter
  • yes, it is true
  • she sounds Italian when she speaks
  • go figure
  • a little get away with my hubby
  • amazingly quiet
  • and devoid of constant “not Chinese” talk
  • becoming increasingly disturbed by Toddler and Tiara’s
  • not to mention Dance Moms.  REALLY?
  • I have drastically changed my way of eating
  • I have been concentrating on health rather than weight
  • I have not been succeeding in the shift of thinking
  • we had 62 days of temps over 100
  • I melted
  • my kids melted
  • and complained
  • and whined
  • and melted again
  • dealing with friend drama
  • listening to spelling words
  • listening to reading of books like Cam Jansen
  • Algebra
  • US History
  • did I ever mention that I flunked US History
  • yeah.
  • Hey.  Totally not my fault.
  • well, ok it was. But the teacher didn’t like me.
  • Really.
  • and I may not have done my homework.
  • Hey!  How about them Dodgers.
  • I have perfected the sugar cookie.
  • go back and read that I have been changing my diet
  • it all started with the quest to perfect the sugar cookie.
  • ahem.
  • I have a daughter who has a role in Annie.
  • I have a son who has a role in Annie.
  • I have another daughter who thinks she has a role in Annie.
  • And a son that would kill me if I ever mention Annie.
  • Maisy ate her poop again.
  • she is now in the kitchen so when she throws up said poop it wont be all over the house.
  • ew.
  • I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.
  • has anyone seen those “realistic” baby dolls?
  • um
  • really really really creepy
  • and the people who buy them
  • creep me out a little too.
  • just sayin.
  • wondering if I am too old to have long hair
  • and if I look dopey in a ponytail
  • maybe I need to cut it short and start perming it.
  • my grandma used to get hers done every week by Marcel.
  • I remember the smell of the perms.
  • I remember smells of lots of things.
  • like the way the hospital smelled when I got my tonsils out when I was 4.
  • Really!
  • And that I asked for Jello in the middle of the night.
  • And the nurse didn’t bring it.
  • I have been missing my sisters.
  • a lot
  • I donated 10 bags of clothing this summer
  • yes, you read that right. 10 bags.
  • that makes me a little nauseous
  • has anyone seen that Fiber One commercial?
  • the one where the guy says “Fiber makes me….. Sad.”
  • That makes me laugh out loud every time I see it.
  • Sometimes I call Michael and just say “Fiber makes me….. SAD”
  • and he says “who is this?”
  • and I hang up.
  • and then I remember that there is now caller ID, plus he knows my voice.
  • didn’t you love the days when you could crank call someone and they would never know it was you?
  • we may have moths in our closet
  • we can’t find them
  • this makes me creeped out
  • and scared to go in there
  • like there will be this big moth with a fedora and a cigarette
  • making little holes in my t-shirts
  • I detest the smell of moth balls
  • so I will just live with my moth friend.
  • and learn to love the holey t-shirt look
  • remember Nellie Olson’s hair?
  • and Cindy Brady’s?
  • just wondering.
  • I must go.
  • and sort laundry.
  • and meet a friend for lunch,
  • and plan my next blog post.
  • about Fiber.
  • Goodbye.
  • Forever.
  • Well
  • at least until tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Wait. I have a blog?

  1. You are totally cracking me up!!

    I never got around to calling you like I wanted to. Please forgive me. I had to go to China. : )
    And I can’t WAIT to see you next June!!!! It will be an awesome week!!
    Much love!

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