It brings a sinking feeling in my stomach.

It is a 5 letter word that makes me dread fall.

And why is that?

Because, I have to come up with lunches for 4 children.  4 CHILDREN.

So, what do you make?

These are normally on my rotation:

Turkey Sandwich, PB&J, PB&B.
Sometimes Soup, sometimes pasta.

Something crunchy like chips or pretzles

fruit or veggies



And often, I got “Turkey again?”

Or, “I don’t like crusts”

Here is my biggest dilemma.

See when I was little, and used the amazingly awesome Charlie’s Angels lunch box, no one made my lunch for me.  Well, I can’t say never.  Sometimes my sisters did, but usually it was left up to me.  And often, I didn’t bother to make it.

I NEVER wanted my kids to deal with that.  So I make their lunches.  Guess it is one of those issues that make me remember how I felt as a kid and I am not willing to bend on it.  Now laundry, that is another issue- I am ready for my kids to do their own.  But lunches? no.

I try so hard to figure out new and interesting ideas for lunches.  Healthy and yummy all at the same time.  So today, I came up with the idea that I would make up some little menus for the kids to check off each night before bed, so that I could make them a lunch that they wanted.  And then wouldn’t complain.

My question- what would you include???  I know the normal things.  Any other thoughts?

Thank you.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, the Charlie’s Angels Lunchbox.

Goodbye Angels.

9 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. wraps instead of sandwiches? (no crust!) Use a tortilla and put turkey, cheese, etc on there!
    check out my pinterest page- I pinned a page that is a bunch of “pbj alternatives”- nutella and strawberries, etc.
    Hmmm….are there any fun and creative lunch for lunchboxes websites out there?

    You’re such a fun mom! 🙂


  2. Jenny, I admire the ingenuity that you have exhausted in creating a means in which to make the lives of your children both more enjoyable and less difficult, and I am honored to witness such a selfless, hospitable person as you have ever exhibited yourself to be. Moreover, it is a rare pleasure to locate such a benevolent mother as you unquestionably are, and I am entirely supportive of your newest venture.

    If I may be so audacious as to submit my own suggestions to you for your consideration of succulent comestibles in which your children shall take delight, I should present the options of homemade pizzas, stuffed mushrooms, Greek flavored chicken breast, or quesadillas made in the genuine Mexcian fashion with riquesa cheese, which is not too difficult to create oneself, and, finally, I am certain that any child must adore the culinary expertise of your being. I pray that all of you are yet well, and I remain wholly yours in all modesty, chivalry, respect, and honor.

  3. Being on the elimination diet has made lunches a challenge. I try to make a little extra at dinner so I can sometimes serve leftovers. No bread for us…but maybe hummous and raw veggies, homemade applesauce in the crockpot, lettuce wraps, beans and brown rice…can you see mutiny yet at your house?? 🙂

  4. I’ve got a related problemo! What to take to school with me for lunch? I’ve been eating Lean Cuisine most days for lunch for years and year. Blech! I’m so sick of them, but they are easy. Sigh…

  5. Have you ever used those Sandwich Thins ( My kids love them for sandwiches — no crusts and they are thin enough that they don’t overwhelm whatever is inside. I can usually find them at Costco.
    Some of my kids’ favorites for lunch: hummus and cheese (havarti, if they get to choose) sandwich, avocado and cheese (spreadable Laughing Cow) sandwich, maki sushi roll (when i was a kid, my mom would just pack me an entire maki roll –not sliced up — and I’d eat it like a burrito), sticky rice balls (similar to sushi rice, rolled into a ball with bits of pork fung or other meats and veggies stuffed inside).

  6. One of Clara’s favorites is cucumber sandwiches. A little cream cheese, some dill, salt and paper and cucumbers. They are actually better if you fix them the night before. Yummy, fresh and has veggies. Harrison always wanted me to make homemade lunchables, with crackers, cheese and meat all cut up to fit. Both my kids love humus with veggies or pita bread. I have made cheese quesadillas and wrapped in foil to stay a little warm and Clara liked that (they are fine cold). She also likes those little individual containers of cottage cheese with a little fruit flavor on the side.

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