A little girls heart

This little boy has my little girls heart.  This is Lauren’s foster brother.  His name, given by Love Without Boundaries was Eoin.  His name according to Lauren is Lian Lian.

It must have rocked her world a little to welcome this little brother into her home.  But she ADORES that baby boy.  Every baby we see is “Mama, that like my Lian Lian”.  Every day she asks if we can go to China to see Lian Lian and Nai Nai.  She isn’t sad about it, she just wants to see this little one.

We know that Lian Lian has been adopted to the US.  But, the family has yet to contact LWB for any information.  And I have been searching to no avail online to see if I could use my China connections.  HARUMPH.  I would love to find him.  We are praying sweet girl to find your didi.





2 thoughts on “A little girls heart

  1. Jenny-

    What would happen if you asked people to re-post this on Facebook? I am not sure how public you want to be with Lauren’s picture. The family that has adopted him might not like his picture being all over the place without their permission. Perhaps you could create a post with some basic info that would help people to identify him without using his actual picture and include your email address or even an email address you create just for this post.


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