30 posts in 30 days

And can I do it??

So, yes.  I fail at many things.  I admit it.  And this blog happens to be one.  I have to be honest in saying I miss writing.  So much.  But I also have to be honest in saying I really don’t feel like I have anything pithy to say.

SO.  I guess I will quit worrying about being pithy. And just entertain you with my mundane, deliciously fun life.

Life with four kids is challenging and wonderful all at the same time.  Life with four kids when we have had record temperatures for the past month has been challenging and well, fun I guess.  I guess.

I for one am tired of the heat.

Anyone else?

Summer so far:

  • Kanakuk Family Kamp
  • Swimming
  • Carousel at the Poteet Theater
  • You’re a Queer One Julie Jordan (shout out to Kristin) constantly on my brain
  • driving in a car
  • said cars interior about 3 billion degrees
  • children complaining about how hot the car is.
  • children complaining about someone touching them.
  • or hitting them
  • or looking at them funny
  • sleeping in until 9
  • going to bed at midnight
  • snow cones
  • frozen yogurt
  • swimming
  • Carousel again
  • driving kids hither and yon
  • what does hither and yon mean?
  • I need to start using those words in my daily vernacular.
  • SHEESH.  SAT words
  • trying new things
  • watching the grass die because of the heat
  • wanting to go somewhere that is cold
  • doing a million art projects
  • doing a million loads of laundry
  • drinking a little bit of diet dr. pepper
  • I KNOW
  • I know.
  • But only a little.
  • shame.
  • Little House on the Prairie on TV.
  • Katie watches the same episode over and over
  • and it drives me crazy
  • because it is a “newer” one.  With Nancy.
  • She bugs me
  • like cousin Oliver on the Brady Bunch
  • we ate dinner out pretty much the entire month of July
  • I think I have forgotten how to cook
  • I have been obsessing again about my weight
  • Lauren is a crack up
  • back to school shopping
  • swimming
  • and trying not to cry from it being so hot.
  • pluots
  • (apricot plum hybrid)
  • finding babysitters so we can have a date night
  • date nights
  • the lack there of
  • watching lame shows like the Bachelorette
  • and screaming at the screen because you liked the guy she didn’t choose
  • and wonder at your sanity about watching said shows
  • or My Strange Addiction
  • eating dryer sheets?
  • rocks?
  • treating your teddy bears like children?
  • and how bout them hoarders?
  • or being told by a bug guy not to worry that my house is cluttered, they service horders.
  • um
  • yeah
  • so now I need to go obsess about cleaning
  • and decluttering.
  • in the heat.
  • and then melt.
  • Goodbye.
  • forever.
  • or tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “30 posts in 30 days

  1. Hahahahahha! I was just pumped that you said “pithy”…then you said Julie was a queer one. Made my night. 🙂 And, because I haven’t said it enough, I love your brain. Love it. Adore it. I think in these lists too. Because brilliant people do. Clearly.

  2. I don’t know your friend Kristin…..but I completely and totally feel like she expressed my very sentiment: “I love your brain. Love it. Adore it.” I looooooooooove reading your posts! 🙂

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