No one tells you, wait, that is not true, everyone tells you how busy life gets as your kids get older.

I have to be honest.

I didn’t believe it.

Because, in my sleep deprived decade of raising young wee ones who believed sleep was for the old, I couldn’t imagine life getting busier.

Um.  Yeah.  Now I do.

So I have an almost 13 year old who plays soccer, and is texting 24/7.  Well, not really because he has to turn in his phone by 9.  He thinks we are mean.

I told him last night that when I was his age, I couldn’t talk on the phone past 8 pm.  And that there was no such thing as texting or the internet.

He looked at me and didn’t believe me at first.

And then he shook his head and walked upstairs.  Just like he did when I was dancing around the living room to Chains of Love by Erasure.

Just sayin.

My 10, yes, 10 year old has been in 2 productions since I last blogged.  And is heading into a big one this summer.  He is also learning a song in Italian.  Good thing Italian food is one that is not on his “do not eat” list.  Well, that isn’t all true.  Pasta is not on the list.  Pizza is not on the list.  Anything to do with any other foods is.

My 6 year old is a budding artist who takes every opportunity to draw.  It could even be on a scrap of paper.  A receipt.  And every drawing needs to be kept.  And savored.  And sometimes, just sometimes, some of them might be misplaced.  Accidentally.  In the trash.  Because the well meaning person who was cleaning off the counter for the 8 gazillionth time didn’t realize that the chick-fil-a bag had a picture on it.  REALLY.

My 5 year old.  She thinks poop is funny.  So we have deduced from this huge revelation, as if we didn’t already know, that indeed she was destined to be a Markmiller from the beginning of time.

And me?

I am walking through this life.  Sometimes running.  Sometimes crawling.

And sometimes wondering, how blessed am I.