SO excited. And Lame.

IS anyone else so excited about the upcoming Royal Wedding???

Like seriously excited??

As a young girl, I was totally enraptured with Princess Diana and Prince Charles.  Got up at 3 to watch their wedding, made scrapbooks, had magazine photos all over my wall.


total geek.

So since then, I have always followed the royal family- and still can get caught up in the romance of it all.

I will be recording the wedding, so I can still sleep.  I am not THAT fanatic.

But I remember watching this….

And swooning….

and this…

And longing to be one of those girls.

I cannot wait to see all the pomp and circumstance (what is that anyway), all the fun hats, the parades, the kiss on the balcony.  Everything.

Yep.  Lame.

But so excited!!!


4 thoughts on “SO excited. And Lame.

  1. Totally excited. Spent all afternoon sewing bunting like the union jack for decorations. Have already bought food we will have and we are all getting up at 3. I am hoping I can record it a bit so we can sleep a little later then skip through commercials. The kids are already working the angles to see if they get up at 3 if they can skip school the next day.

  2. I’ve been wondering where you were! Oh, yeah. You told us you were changing blogs. Oops. Yes, I think royal weddings are exciting. Not getting up that early to watch…but what a fairytale. Just imagine…

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