Oh Glorious Day!


SO excited. And Lame.

IS anyone else so excited about the upcoming Royal Wedding???

Like seriously excited??

As a young girl, I was totally enraptured with Princess Diana and Prince Charles.  Got up at 3 to watch their wedding, made scrapbooks, had magazine photos all over my wall.


total geek.

So since then, I have always followed the royal family- and still can get caught up in the romance of it all.

I will be recording the wedding, so I can still sleep.  I am not THAT fanatic.

But I remember watching this….

And swooning….

and this…

And longing to be one of those girls.

I cannot wait to see all the pomp and circumstance (what is that anyway), all the fun hats, the parades, the kiss on the balcony.  Everything.

Yep.  Lame.

But so excited!!!


That I have obsessed about.  (and in no particular order)

  • peanut butter
  • bread
  • China
  • adoption
  • prayer
  • writing
  • dry skin
  • cellulite
  • dirty clothes
  • dog hair
  • june bugs
  • diet coke
  • non drinking of diet coke
  • wanting to taste diet coke
  • the smell of my kids warm heads in the morning
  • coconut
  • hawaii
  • getting to hawaii
  • missing being in hawaii
  • Disneyland
  • The smell of oranges on Soaring over California
  • missing my sisters
  • missing my bestie
  • my kids health
  • my kids mental state
  • my kids attitudes
  • I Love Lucy
  • my weight
  • my weight
  • my weight
  • (I could have just written MY WEIGHT and been done.)
  • why my home isn’t picked up
  • why I can’t keep my home picked up
  • the smell of bleach and pine sol
  • smells are really big obsessions
  • nausea. Yes truly.
  • bad commercials
  • babies that need families
  • families that want babies
  • and why there is not just an easy fix for that
  • The Amazing Race
  • black heads (Come on, you kinda fixate on them too, right??) (or am I gross?)
  • the way Lauren runs.
  • all my kids laughter
  • dates with my husband
  • get aways with my husband
  • shopping
  • Target
  • Trader Joes
  • my missing Trader Joes (this is a daily one)
  • the hay meadow
  • the lake out back
  • going to the pool again
  • cellulite
  • the fact that I woke up drenched in sweat.
  • is this peri-menopause?
  • Anyone?
  • or just part of the detox?
  • what I could be doing different
  • my kids futures
  • my kids future spouses.  And in-laws.
  • my hair
  • and my non ability to do hair
  • dinner
  • and what to make
  • and
  • finally
  • pie.

We get by with a little help from our friends….


I love the adoption community!  It is so small.  And our God is so big.  And He calls us to step out in faith.  Sometimes in unbelievable and HUGE ways.  I have gotten to know this family over the past years and I have come to just love their hearts for adoption.  God is asking them do go big.  They are not only bringing one little one home, but two!  Could you help Esther and Poppy come home???  Please prayerfully consider it!  And go visit their blogs to learn about their family!  And bring these beauties home!!!!