2 years ago

We moved to Oklahoma from California.

2 years

Where did that go?

And why does it feel like we just moved here yesterday?

Or that we have lived here forever.

So, here are some things I still love about our home state:

  • the hay meadow
  • sunsets (seriously)
  • the lake
  • seasons
  • snow
  • the icy streets that cause schools to close for many days
  • NOT
  • the quiet of the mornings
  • the array of stars in the sky
  • the thunderstorms
  • the cows
  • the horses
  • Pop's
  • the fact that I see at least 2 people I know every time I go to Target.
  • I can no longer go to Target without any make up
  • just sayin
  • Ted's queso and tortillas
  • Sonic Ice
  • yep, still
  • the word y'all
  • I actually tried using that with my kids and they laughed
  • guess I still have a few years to go to get countrified
  • our pastor using "you know you're a redneck" jokes during his sermon
  • our church
  • our small group
  • our friends who have become our family
  • Poteet Theater
  • seriously, go see a show
  • maybe Carousel this summer
  • there may be some cute kids in the cast
  • shut up
  • the smell of the rain
  • the quiet of the snow
  • the leaves falling off the trees
  • making big piles of them and jumping into them
  • the fact that we have a ride on lawnmower
  • and watching Michael mow. 
  • and closing my eyes when he lets Sammy mow.
  • fireflies
  • not frogs or turtles
  • I killed a couple last year
  • I feel a little guilty
  • kinda
  • hey, they crossed right in front of my car
  • ok, well the turtle was in the process of crossing
  • he didn't get to far
  • EVER again.
  • sheesh.
  • our neighbors
  • except Mrs. Kravitz.  
  • That isn't her name.
  • I actually don't know her name.  
  • We just call her that.  
  • Bless her heart.
  • My husband's face when he talks about his job.
  • My kids telling me they never EVER want to move.
  • that finally,
  • my heart, is at home.










4 thoughts on “2 years ago

  1. I used to live in Edmond, and Ted’s is my all time favorite Mexican restaurant! I love that you get free queso, tortillas, and sopopillas for dessert. I always have to eat there when we visit my in-laws. I loved our church back there too. I was married in and attended Henderson Hills. Oklahoma was a great place to live.

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