Where sickness and joy collide


Sweet Lauren. Our usually sunshine girl woke up yesterday with a high fever and feeling pretty yucky.  Off to the doctor, and found out that she has strep throat.  Poor girlie.  We picked up medicine, and Sprite and a sticker.  And came home to rest.  

She was pretty sick yesterday.  To the point of having a febrile seizure.  That my friends, was a little scary.   

The medicine is doing its job, and this morning she is much better.  Low fever, even ate a little- and is happily coloring.  Praise God.

Why the joy?

Because I felt entirely like her Mommy.  She called to me, wanted me by her side at all times and wanted me to hold her.  She cried and cried and she wanted me to comfort her.  And during the scary high fever part, she just wanted me.  

I cannot begin to tell you how my heart was so full yesterday.  While I worried and prayed over her, I was also able to simply praise.  Praise not only for the healing of her body, but also for the amazing fact that I have slowly become her Mommy in her heart.  I didn't leave her side yesterday.  We sat on the bed, and cuddled and cried.  

I know that bonding is a life-long process with all your children.  But this little infection called strep throat has been a sweet sweet gift.  One I will always remember, and be thankful for.


4 thoughts on “Where sickness and joy collide

  1. Poor girl, and poor you! I have one that has had a febrile seizure, and it is sooo scary! I had never seen one before. Usually I let the fevers do their thing, but not with Char! Medicine and frozen gogurts ASAP now! Hope she’s feeling better very soon.

  2. A great example of how God works all things together for His good. We NEVER want to see our kids sick. Yet he used that moment, those days, to bond you even more. He is a big, big God who continues to bless us even in the scariest moments!

  3. Okay I keep checking … sigh
    no new pictures … sigh
    you can’t still be sick .. can you?
    I will keep stalking …
    everyday(okay, sometimes twice a day)
    pictures please …
    hope the acky stuff is gone from your house
    and while it is hard to have our kiddos sick what a wonderful blessing in the midst of it all. God is good!

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