6 years

 We flew across the world….


To a beautiful country, that held a precious, precious gift.

Our daughter.

Sweet Katie Mei.

We fell in love.  With her sweet spirit.  Her joy.  Her belly laughs.


How we love you Katie Mei.  We are so blessed to be your parents.  You have brought us more joy then we knew existed, you have given us so many moments of bliss.  You are our sunshine girl, and we love you.

Happy Happy Gotcha Day.

To our Hunan Spicy Girl.

To our sweet Monkey.

To our best Big Sister.

To our sweet Mei- Mei.


Happy Gotcha Day.

We love you.


Just for fun.

My sister Meg had this fun Meme.  So, sorry.  And I know by all my music in my I-tunes you shall truly know what a dork I am.  :)  

If your life were a soundtrack, what would the music be?

Here’s how it works:
1. open your itunes library 
2. put it on shuffle
3. press play
4. for every question, type the song that’s playing
5. new question — press the next button
6. don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool

opening credits:
"Taylor the Latte Boy"- Kristin Chenoweth

waking up:
"Better than a Hallelujah"- Amy Grant

first day at school:
"If you Love Somebody, Set them Free"- Sting

falling in love:
"He Thinks He'll Keep Her"- Mary Chapin Carpenter

breaking up:
"As Long as You're Mine" Wicked Soundtrack(no kidding!)

"Say You'll be Mine" Amy Grant

life’s okay:
"A New Deal for Christmas" Annie Soundtrack

mental breakdown:
"I feel Lucky" Mary Chapin Carpenter

"Alone"  Glee Soundtrack (This is NEVER true)

"Happy" Amy Grant

getting back together:
"The Most Amazing Thing" Little Women Soundtrack

"You Just Haven't Earned it Yet Baby" The Smiths

birth of child:
"Shepherd Moons" Enya

final battle:
"Buenos Aires" Evita Soundtrack

death scene:
"Accident Waiting to Happen" Drowsy Chaperone Soundtrack. 

end credits:
"Close Every Door" Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat



2 years ago

We moved to Oklahoma from California.

2 years

Where did that go?

And why does it feel like we just moved here yesterday?

Or that we have lived here forever.

So, here are some things I still love about our home state:

  • the hay meadow
  • sunsets (seriously)
  • the lake
  • seasons
  • snow
  • the icy streets that cause schools to close for many days
  • NOT
  • the quiet of the mornings
  • the array of stars in the sky
  • the thunderstorms
  • the cows
  • the horses
  • Pop's
  • the fact that I see at least 2 people I know every time I go to Target.
  • I can no longer go to Target without any make up
  • just sayin
  • Ted's queso and tortillas
  • Sonic Ice
  • yep, still
  • the word y'all
  • I actually tried using that with my kids and they laughed
  • guess I still have a few years to go to get countrified
  • our pastor using "you know you're a redneck" jokes during his sermon
  • our church
  • our small group
  • our friends who have become our family
  • Poteet Theater
  • seriously, go see a show
  • maybe Carousel this summer
  • there may be some cute kids in the cast
  • shut up
  • the smell of the rain
  • the quiet of the snow
  • the leaves falling off the trees
  • making big piles of them and jumping into them
  • the fact that we have a ride on lawnmower
  • and watching Michael mow. 
  • and closing my eyes when he lets Sammy mow.
  • fireflies
  • not frogs or turtles
  • I killed a couple last year
  • I feel a little guilty
  • kinda
  • hey, they crossed right in front of my car
  • ok, well the turtle was in the process of crossing
  • he didn't get to far
  • EVER again.
  • sheesh.
  • our neighbors
  • except Mrs. Kravitz.  
  • That isn't her name.
  • I actually don't know her name.  
  • We just call her that.  
  • Bless her heart.
  • My husband's face when he talks about his job.
  • My kids telling me they never EVER want to move.
  • that finally,
  • my heart, is at home.









Where sickness and joy collide


Sweet Lauren. Our usually sunshine girl woke up yesterday with a high fever and feeling pretty yucky.  Off to the doctor, and found out that she has strep throat.  Poor girlie.  We picked up medicine, and Sprite and a sticker.  And came home to rest.  

She was pretty sick yesterday.  To the point of having a febrile seizure.  That my friends, was a little scary.   

The medicine is doing its job, and this morning she is much better.  Low fever, even ate a little- and is happily coloring.  Praise God.

Why the joy?

Because I felt entirely like her Mommy.  She called to me, wanted me by her side at all times and wanted me to hold her.  She cried and cried and she wanted me to comfort her.  And during the scary high fever part, she just wanted me.  

I cannot begin to tell you how my heart was so full yesterday.  While I worried and prayed over her, I was also able to simply praise.  Praise not only for the healing of her body, but also for the amazing fact that I have slowly become her Mommy in her heart.  I didn't leave her side yesterday.  We sat on the bed, and cuddled and cried.  

I know that bonding is a life-long process with all your children.  But this little infection called strep throat has been a sweet sweet gift.  One I will always remember, and be thankful for.