Weekend in Ca

The girlies and I went for a long weekend in CA this weekend with my mom, dad, and sisters and their families.

It was awesome.  We had amazingly fun times with everyone.  And everyone fell in love with sweet Lauren.  And giggled with Katie Mei.  

And did I take photos?

Nary a one.

So, here are my thoughts about CA and OK.

  • CA wins for weather, hands down.  Even with the rain, it was lovely.
  • the freeways.  How did I survive the freeways?
  • cannot deal with traffic
  • the houses are SO close together.
  • I miss my old backyard.
  • it is so beautiful.
  • But nothing can compare to the hay meadow.
  • well, except for the beach.
  • but they really can't be compared
  • and I don't like sand.
  • especially the dry feeling.
  • yuck.
  • hay meadow wins.
  • Trader Joes.
  • Sonic.  
  • In-N-Out
  • do you sense a food theme in my mind wanderings?
  • yeah.
  • people are rushed and kinda crabby in LA
  • people are kind and chatty in OK
  • and you see someone you know wherever you go
  • case in point, waiting at the airport, we saw a family from school
  • they were on the same flight home
  • Super Target.  OK wins that one.
  • the mountains were amazingly beautiful covered with snow.
  • our street was covered with snow not that long ago.
  • and the kids got to sled
  • and I got to make hot chocolate
  • a gazillion times a day
  • I don't like hot drinks
  • of any kind
  • nope, coffee, no tea, no hot chocolate
  • nothin
  • give me a ton of ice and a straw and I am one happy woman
  • I love soup, though
  • guess you don't really drink soup
  • sheesh.
  • I am so weird.
  • driving in CA scared me this time
  • I totally understand people being freaked out about driving on the LA freeways.
  • I was FREAKED.
  • and I had to remember not to hold my phone up while talking
  • lest the Po-po see
  • public restrooms are not so nice in LA
  • not that they are pristine in OK, but a bunch cleaner
  • this is very important in my world
  • both my girls are proficient pee-ers and poopers
  • just sayin
  • Lauren didn't like In-N-Out burgers.
  • she loved their fries though.
  • So Katie and I ate her burger too.
  • and now, 
  • I am thankful to be home.
  • and feel as though this is where I was always meant to be.

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