a little this and a little

randomness….. complete with photos!  DE- lux edition.  Just for you.


  • we got a new playground.
  • it has swings.
  • I used to love the swings.
  • now, if I swing for more than a minute, I feel as though I will vomit.
  • Same with spinny rides.
  • If Michael merely LOOKS at a spinny ride, he may vomit.
  • so I am the official spinny ride parent.
  • pin a star on me.


  • but this little toot is the reason I keep swinging.
  • she loves to push me.
  • and watch me turn all shades of green.


  • did I tell you there's a rock wall on our new playground?
  • and that all my family loves climbing on it?
  • but that merely LOOKING at the rock wall may cause me to vomit.
  • _MG_0108 


  • She made it to the top
  • she always does
  • but look at that mom in the background.
  • turning 3 shades of pale.
  • and for Pete's sake
  • does anyone have the name of a great concealer for under eye circles?


  • aw schmoopies
  • they weren't fighting for a minute.
  • how did I get four kids?
  • and when did they get so big?  
  • seriously
  • And now I am crying.
  • seriously.


  • snow day
  • why do my kids always smile like this when they are having their photos taken?
  • don't they know their face might stick like that?


  • YIKERS.  
  • please say it ain't so….


  • that's more like it.


  • this one takes after his father.
  • in many ways.
  • his good looks for one.
  • his ability to make goofy faces.
  • his overacting
  • wait
  • that might be from someone else.


  • uh oh
  • that face freezing virus 
  • this little girl loves chocolate
  • she gets that from her daddy
  • I don't like chocolate.
  • doesn't quite explain why I ate 4 brownies yesterday.
  • just sayin.


  • remember all that talk about chocolate cake?
  • yeah, she ate one bite
  • and then said "blech"
  • and then she ate 25 oranges.


  • this one doesn't like to have his picture taken
  • well, at least not with a bird.
  • you know, he is getting close to 13.
  • and just ordered flowers to send to a certain someone for Valentine's Day.
  • help me.
  • help me PLEASE.


  • he also adores his little sister
  • and he scares her.
  • and she laughs
  • and makes these faces.
  • and she makes me laugh
  • and sometimes spit out my drink.


  • Very proud of her snowman
  • kinda looks like a triangle.
  • my sister Meg used to call diarrhea triangles.
  • because it looked like….
  • never mind.
  • I think I just lost some readers.
  • sorry.


  • so for now, I will bid your farewell.


  • and apologize profusely about the triangle comment.

8 thoughts on “a little this and a little

  1. If it makes you feel better, they made me tear up too. And. If you get that under-eye-concealor product name, please let me know.

  2. I say OWN the word triangles! It’s way better than something like, say, drizzlecrap. And hello, Jack + sending flowers?! Dude. You might as well hang it up.

  3. Woww!!sweet and cuteee family.I wish you lived closer so I could get an autographed copy.I just wanna hang out and enjoy with u guys.. So lovely to watch dese pix.

    The little one is so so so cuteee..Lovely family.. Have a nice time. Glad to visit ur post:)

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