Tired of snow



Things I am really tired of:

  • the arguing.
  • the whining.
  • the hitting
  • the tattling
  • the constant "what are we going to do today?  we never do anything fun"
  • angst over snow boots
  • and socks
  • and the never being able to find socks
  • the way my car slips on my driveway
  • and scares me every time
  • the yellow snow
  • from my dogs
  • the poop in my house that I had to clean up from dogs who wouldn't go in the snow
  • the vomit that ensued from the clean up of said poop
  • really
  • the things that get "broken"
  • but it's "NOT MY FAULT" 
  • the fact that there is "NO FOOD IN THIS HOUSE THAT IS GOOD"
  • the laundry 
  • but I hate that every day.
  • but somehow I hate it more now
  • sheesh
  • the cries of wanting to go outside, then playing, then coming inside and crying from the cold
  • and wanting hot chocolate
  • every time they come back in.
  • which is about every 5 minutes
  • I AM NOT A STARBUCKS people.
  • do you think it is odd then you get called "people"?
  • makes me think of 6th grade.
  • I didn't do well in 6th grade.
  • I was chubby and lame
  • and I loved Princess Diana
  • I had scrapbooks that I filled with photos of her
  • I know
  • Weird
  • So now,
  • I will go have no personal space on a couch stuffed with 4 cooped up, crabby kids
  • and kiss their heads
  • and be thankful for the time I have with them
  • well
  • I will kiss their heads for sure.
  • and then pray that school will be open on Monday.
  • Keeping it real.  

6 thoughts on “Yep.

  1. We are opening a looney bin for local moms who have been cooped up with children (and some husbands) for snowmageddon. I’ll put you on the waiting list! ; )

  2. I remember all your clippings of Princess Di! I was fascinated by them. Makes me feel old that her son is getting married & he is almost 30…..Oh, and I’ve been cleaning up lots of doggy accidents due to the weather, too. I’m starting to think doggy diapers aren’t such a crazy idea.

  3. Ummm.. We (all 3) are not sick of the snow. Bring it on baby! Loving every flake we get. The more the merrier. Skiing all day, Hot chocolate, and movies with popcorn when we’re too tired to ski. Now WIND… thats another story. Sick of the wind.

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