What a life

Things that make me realize I am old.

Or getting older.

Or old.

  • Jack's music.
  • Jack's texting.
  • Jack.
  • (Just kidding)
  • kinda.
  • getting up off the floor.
  • when Katie said to me at Target, "Mom, you look funny….oh you have no makeup on."
  • yikers.
  • the skin that is starting to sag under my neck.
  • that I would love to get in my pj's at 7:00 pm
  • oh who am I kidding
  • I always have wanted to get in my PJ's at 7 pm.
  • or 6.
  • perhaps 5.  
  • Oh why not stay in them all day.
  • Actually, I can't stay in them all day.
  • It really bothers me.
  • Just like not making my bed.
  • Even if I am sick, I get up, make my bed just so I can get back in a made bed.
  • I don't like jello.
  • We used to eat it with milk when I was little.
  • yeah, I know.  
  • the wrinkles on my forehead.
  • skinny jeans- I love them but am I too old for them?
  • micro minis.  Same thing.
  • Just kidding.
  • Remember the old cellulite.
  • I don't have to remember it.
  • I live it.
  • the fact that I miss old TV shows and reminisce about them
  • that I miss old movies and tell my kids lines from them
  • that they look at me with this look of horror
  • and can't believe how old I am
  • the 80's station on Sirius. 
  • the 70's station too.
  • eminem makes me cringe
  • and I turn it off.
  • and I wonder if there will ever come a song without the wumpa wumpa night club beat.
  • that I just said wumpa wumpa.
  • that I can't drink wine withoug getting a headache.
  • not that I like it all that much.
  • I like the IDEA of wine.
  • I still HATE coffee.
  • that makes me not so old!!!!!!!
  • whatever.
  • I still am.
  • and so, I will go play with my kids
  • and have them make fun of the Dan Fogelberg song I sing.
  • In harmony.
  • And dance to Chains of Love by Erasure.
  • just sayin.  
  • Goodbye.
  • I am old.

6 thoughts on “What a life

  1. Jenny, you are one of the most vibrant and vivacious people I know. Your usage of the word “dude”, of which I have only recently been made aware, certainly gives you weight for the balancing of the scale in your defense. If some of those things make you old or older, then welcome to the club because I do quite a few of those responsible things you mentioned, a la making my bed every morning or spending the productive time of the day in one’s sleepwear. Do you know what makes me feel old? The fact that I just deliberately searched my brain’s knowledge of vocabulary for a substitute for the word pajamas makes me feel aged. Of course there is also the question of the company I maintain. Does it not strike you as odd that I find such great pleasure in the presence of mature adults over that of my contemporaries? I oftentimes feel old and as if I belong in the eighteenth century. In any case I thank God for the blessing of living in this century with you and your family, for all of you are such a blessing to me.

  2. Well…you can’t be too old if you don’t like jello…old folks homes serve that a lot! AND…you cannot be old because I am like 9 years older than you DUDE…and I am NOT old! Now..we will need to discuss the skinny jeans and micro-minis…discuss, not see! Just want to be clear on that one!

  3. Eminem….yuck. It makes me scream at my boys like a maniac….
    I see NO problem with PJ’s at 5 and bed at 7. I don’t make mine regularly but I do think about it:)
    I’ve recently rediscovered The Waltons and am enjoying quality viewing at it’s best…..not exactly Modern Family and I’m ok with that. If that means I’m getting old, well, I can accept that. Just don’t make me eat Jello while watching…

  4. You can’t be old when you write posts as cool as this. Your writing makes me jealous and I am totally goi to steal one of these posts and just put in my own words so I can be cool like you:)

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