6 years ago today…..

We saw this face for the very first time….


Sweet Sweet  JingYing. 

I am in awe of how that day changed our world.  Forever.

We fell in love that day.

And we have been falling in love more and more with our sweet, spicy, Hunan love.


Happy Referral Day Katie Mei!!!!


Don’t tell this girl she can’t do it

Sisters.  Are they the cutest??


We got a new playground in our backyard.  Literally.  There are some fun swings, a slide, monkey bars, and air pogo, ladders and a rock wall.  

Don't even thing of trying to tell Lauren that she can't do something.


Even if it is sideways and I can't get it turned.  

She can do anything!!!

This and that

On my mind.

  • my fingers hurt because they are cold and need lotion every 1 second.
  • my daughters have really smelly feet.  they need to wear socks at all times.
  • there is a giant snowman on caillou right now.
  • I am scared of it.
  • anything that turns big that should not be actually.
  • like Lady Elaine on Mr. Rogers.  Does ANYONE remember that?
  • or am I old?
  • I know my sister Meg does.
  • Because she has teased me about it since.
  • at one time my grandma called me Jenny Under the Bed Bradbury.
  • I know.  
  • Often, I think about cookies.
  • or bread.
  • the trash truck just left
  • wondering if we fooled them by putting all those sticks in the bottom of the trash can
  • YEP!
  • ooooh.  
  • are we criminals now?  we put lawn trash in the regular trash.
  • sheesh.
  • now when I see the po-po on the street I will be freaked out
  • personal space is important to me
  • but
  • I have none.
  • at all.
  • like right now, Lauren is on top of me while I blog.
  • we got a playground!
  • it is big
  • and fun
  • and it is cold outside
  • and the kids want to play out there all the time
  • and it is cold outside.
  • just sayin.
  • remember how I was eating healthy?
  • I am trying to.
  • but not so much.
  • and I feel it.  
  • sheesh, debbie downer.
  • wah-wah
  • my husband not only cut some trees down off our property, but he pulled a stump out with his bare hands.
  • DUDE
  • he rocks.
  • I miss Disneyland
  • I also miss bread
  • what does My Bonnie mean?
  • You know, My Bonnie lies over the ocean, my Bonnie lies over the sea?
  • she must be big.
  • and you want her back pretty badly.
  • and while we are on that topic
  • how bout Sarasponda?
  • Asay pasay oh?
  • huh?
  • Two Little Blackbirds?
  • makes sense.
  • I have to put dinner in the crock pot
  • which means my children will complain about dinner
  • one of my children missed dinner the other night 
  • he complained
  • and you would have thought I was killing him
  • you probably don't want to live here.
  • just sayin
  • because I am the meanest mom.
  • my kids complain because they can't find any socks.
  • this is because I have stopped matching them and putting them away.
  • because they leave them all over my house.  
  • right now they are on the living room table and under the couch.
  • this is where they will stay.
  • I loathe socks.
  • Wait,
  • that isn't all true, I like wearing them
  • I loathe washing them and finding them
  • And that my friends is deep
  • that is why I have millions of blog readers a day
  • because of my deep thinking
  • and my witty retorts 
  • about socks
  • and Lady Elaine
  • goodbye.

Menu Plan Monday (sheesh)

I can't remember last time I did this.  Or at least posted it.  On my blog.  Like you all care what my family eats during the week. But, it helps me to post it. 

Because I know where to find it.

Because I tend to forget where things are.

because I am old.


Without Further Ado….


B: Well, to be honest, Pizza and rice crackers

L:  PB&J, Cuties, potato chips, rice krispie treat

D: Steak, roasted potatoes, salad, green beans



B: Baked Oatmeal    

L: Turkey & Cheese sandwiches, Apple slices, pretzles, cookie    

D:  Santa Fe Chicken, Chips, salad



B:  Hard boiled eggs, smoothies

L: Chicken Salad sandwiches, cucumber slices, chips, cupcake

D:  Church



B: Waffles, berries

L:  Pizza, cuties, chips, cookie

D: 7 Can Soup, chips, salad



B: Smoothies, toast

L: PB & Honey, sliced fruit, chips, cupcake

D:  Homemade Pizza, Salad


What are you all having for dinner this week???



This beauty

Is deserving of praise.

She has been an amazing big sister.

Though at times it has been one of the toughest things she has done.

And it has been tough on us getting used to one more during some girl time.


She has handled it with grace.

And love.

And proves to me daily what an amazing girl she is.

And how much love she has in her heart.

And just how much I adore her.



I love you Katie Mei.  You are my first princess.  My first mani/pedi partner.  

And you 

will always be.



Last night, Lauren and I sat on my bed and we were looking at photos on my laptop.  They were photos from all her foster care reports.  She LOVED looking at them.  And was pointing things out to me.  Telling me about her Di-Di (little brother) and her friend Ha Ha (this is how she says her little friends name).  Showing me her Nai Nai (grandma) with love in her eyes.  Telling me that she and her Nai Nai had shoes on. The showed me the sink outside where they washed up.  And the moped and bicycle they rode on together.

It was a sweet time last night.  There were no tears from Lauren, just pride and excitement and joy.  I am constantly astounded by this little ones resiliency and strength. I just love this little girl.