One month….together

We are celebrating one month with our new little girlie, Lauren.  So in honor of our month together, here are some things about Lauren.


  • She loves to make silly faces.
  • She has the BEST belly laugh.
  • We get to hear that a LOT.
  • She likes rice and all sorts of vegetables.
  • Like her big sister she doesn't like bread.
  • She likes eggs.  A whole lot.
  • She loves frozen yogurt.
  • She doesn't like cake.
  • she can say the following things:


  • Please Stop
  • Thank you 
  • All Done
  • I love you
  • Goodbye
  • Good Dog
  • Fenway (although sounds like Fengway)
  • Maisy
  • Jack
  • Sammy
  • Katie
  • Mama
  • Baba
  • Ye-Ye
  • Nana
  • juice
  • egg
  • she can count to 10
  • no
  • Jingle Bells, Jingle Way Hey!
  • Goodnight
  • When you think about Seuss. (Yep, the entire sentence). Thanks Seussical
  • Dear God, Thank you, Amen.

I love how:

  • she bubbles over with joy
  • she yells for her siblings
  • she adores them with passion
  • she tackles us when we come back from being gone
  • she loves giving hugs and kisses
  • she loves babies
  • she can do ANYTHING
  • she loves to color
  • She loves to create
  • she loves to sing and dance
  • she makes us laugh with just a look.
  • she has woven her way into our lives as though she has always been here.
  • I cannot imagine life without her.

Merry Christmas Lauren Grace Jingyan Markmiller.  We are so thankful you are here.  We are in love, hopelessly with you.  



6 thoughts on “One month….together

  1. Oh my goodness, tears are falling from my eyes. What a tribute to a beautiful little girl and her amazing family! I miss her smile and her pirate grin! I play the Japanese steak house evening over and over in my head, seeing her wink and point at us from across the room. What a joy and what a blessing!!
    Our biggest Christmas LOVE to you, from the Lijoi family!!!

  2. You forgot that she could say fork:) I have laughed repeatedly about that – it reminds me of my house. She is adorable and I am so happy for you. Her likes remind me so much of Emma. Merry Christmas.

  3. What an amazing gift to watch the days and months unfold for your family. Awe. Some. WoW! Merriest Christmas to you, Jenny and your precious Lauren. xooxox

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