A whole lot can change in a year

Last year, at this time I made a choice.  

Little did I know how much that choice would change my life.

And now, that I look back on this year, I can say that with all certainty.

When I gave up Diet Coke, I was hoping for a change in my health and how I felt.  That did happen for sure.  It took a few MONTHS for me to finally come out of the fog of my addiction to Diet Coke, but once that fog lifted, I sure felt a whole lot different. Better. 

I learned more about what I put into my body affected me so much.  I have not only changed what I drink, but also, what I eat.  I began paying attention to how I felt.  How I processed certain foods. I have made huge changes in my diet and lifestyle.  And I feel good!  Really good. I am thankful.

But, this time last year, we had NO idea we would be entering into the world of adoption again.  But about 2 weeks after I had given up Diet Coke, we saw that first little one.  We knew her as Natalie- she was our doorway to entering again onto the road toward China. (She is being adopted by an amazing family- and soon after we bring Lauren home!!!)

And so, a year later….

  • I no longer drink Diet Coke.
  • I no longer eat wheat or gluten products, or yeast
  • we are headed to China in less then 2 weeks to bring this little lovely home….

Lauren egg 

And I stand amazed.  


7 thoughts on “A whole lot can change in a year

  1. Congratulations and may you have safe travel. She is adorable and looks like she just loves mischief. I know that precious bundle of a little girl will just blossom and grow under your care, the same way you will all grow and blossom because she is in your lives.

  2. : ) Thanks you guys- and Angie- we need to plan on meeting sometime. I think our girlies could be great friends. Sweet Jenna will ALWAYS hold a special spot in my heart.

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