It is about that time!  I am concentrating on getting packed and ready to go! For all 6 of us!  Wow.  That sounds surreal.  We are leaving as 5, coming home as 6.  Please pray for us- pray for our health and sweet little Lauren's transition.  Also, please pray that we will have the opportunity to meet her foster family.  

Thank you all for all your sweet words of support and whispered prayers.  We love you all!!  Please go to our travel blog while we are gone- and please leave messages in our guest book!  I know our kids would love to read them in China!!

We are coming girlie!!!


A whole lot can change in a year

Last year, at this time I made a choice.  

Little did I know how much that choice would change my life.

And now, that I look back on this year, I can say that with all certainty.

When I gave up Diet Coke, I was hoping for a change in my health and how I felt.  That did happen for sure.  It took a few MONTHS for me to finally come out of the fog of my addiction to Diet Coke, but once that fog lifted, I sure felt a whole lot different. Better. 

I learned more about what I put into my body affected me so much.  I have not only changed what I drink, but also, what I eat.  I began paying attention to how I felt.  How I processed certain foods. I have made huge changes in my diet and lifestyle.  And I feel good!  Really good. I am thankful.

But, this time last year, we had NO idea we would be entering into the world of adoption again.  But about 2 weeks after I had given up Diet Coke, we saw that first little one.  We knew her as Natalie- she was our doorway to entering again onto the road toward China. (She is being adopted by an amazing family- and soon after we bring Lauren home!!!)

And so, a year later….

  • I no longer drink Diet Coke.
  • I no longer eat wheat or gluten products, or yeast
  • we are headed to China in less then 2 weeks to bring this little lovely home….

Lauren egg 

And I stand amazed.