Sweet surprise


Our girlie!!  Got some silly bands from the team at Love Without Boundaries!!! 

You can catch the blog here.

Oh my heart is full this morning!!!


4 thoughts on “Sweet surprise

  1. I am amazed at how many photos you have and how much of Lauren’s story you know. God is definitely watching over her until you can get there. Praying now that God will prepare her heart for the gigantic life change that’s about to happen — may He fill her with never-ending love for those who love her now and absolute trust in her mommy and daddy who are about to get her!

  2. Angie- I know! Silly Bandz- so easy and fun. I got a weight and height- as far as shoes- no clue because of her feet what will be the best fit- I figure we will get some shoes there. : )

  3. Oh…I love that beautiful little girl! I cannot wait to meet her (well, not as much as you can’t wait)! She is such a cutie and has the best smile! Seriously, we are hours away from November…the “month of Lauren”!

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