Packing lists…shopping lists…. photos

So I am knee deep in preparation.  FOR A TRIP TO CHINA.  For 5 people going, 6 coming home.  Um.  Yeah.  We are a little crazy.  So…. here are some recent photos.  

Hay jumping at the pumpkin patch….

In a hammock at the pumpkin patch….

Hay bales….great place to hang….

Survivor?  Amazing Race?  Nope.  Just Sammy.  Eating a bbq'd cricket.  On a dare.

Can ya tell he LOVED it?? 

Well- he kept it down.

Tire swing…

Chatting with friends…

Last 7th grade football game kick off.  That number 11 looks GOOD.


Great season Saints!

Love you girl.  We are coming SOON!


6 thoughts on “Packing lists…shopping lists…. photos

  1. Our social worker thought we were crazy to bring Peter to China with us, but I would not have had it any other way. It brought his own adoption full-circle. I think it will be great for Katie, especially and for the same reason. For the boys, it will be special for them to be a part of it, for Lauren, it will be a little overwhelming at first, but then she will have instant playmates. What a wonderful adventure you are embarking on and I can’t wait to follow it!!

  2. Our family time in China was absolutely precious. I loved that the boys were there. They tell Ellie so many things about that trip. Things kids notice that parents don’t — or can’t. Pack tissues. Your kids’ hearts will make you cry more than a couple times.
    Much love!!!!

  3. I am so glad that the whole family is going. It helped Leah so much to have Natalie there. Children speak there own lanuage and it so helps with the transistion with the new one. Natalie still talks about the trip and she was only 5 when we went. She helps Leah fill in the blanks….it is the family trip of a lifetime…enjoy!!!

  4. Lovin’ the cricket picture? Sweet kids. We, too, traveled with 5 over on our first adoption trip. The following year, we traveled with 6 over, 7 back. It was wonderful, chaotic fun! Very special memories. Enjoy!

  5. Nothing yet. Now, CCAA won’t give the TA until they have an original copy of the LOI. So, that was sent to China yesterday, so then maybe they’ll give us our date! Honestly, could they ask now for some blood?? Cool that your whole family is going to China!!

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