I am going down….

Enduring china
Fast friends.

Still waiting for our TA.




10 thoughts on “I am going down….

  1. Jenny,
    Remember the struggle to get to China the first time around? God saw you through. He saw Katie Mei through too. He will do it again. He’s just that good!
    Praising Jesus that your sweet Lauren is loved there in China. She will be in your arms very soon.
    It’s easier to say that since I’m not traveling this time… I know it’s hard to wait.

  2. Hang in there, friend. I think China had a few holidays last week, so maybe this week you’ll get your TA! Still waiting here for our Article 5. Maybe God thinks we need to keep working on our patience??

  3. Hi Jenny,
    I am on the We are Grafted In forum, and thought I’d let you know I am praying for you and your wait for TA. That must be one of the hardest parts of the wait! (We are a bit away from that still.)

  4. Hang in there Jenny!!!! We can do it!! We WILL get there!!!
    Praying we both have great news very, very soon. Tomorrow would be good. 😉

  5. I feel you too. You are so close and I’m sure it will be here any day now!! So glad the torture is over now waiting to get on that darn plane! Eight more days.

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