They have started…..

The adoption dreams.

Last time, when we were waiting to travel to get Katie Mei, they started.

Now, we are waiting to travel to get Lauren.  They have begun.

SO with Katie, the one I remember the most was one where Michael and I were in China, waiting for the officials to bring Katie Mei in….and in walks this 13 year old hispanic girl.  They officials were smiling and telling us, here is your daughter, Jing Ying.  In my dream I was so confused and sad.  I mean, I liked the girl and everything, but she wasn't my daughter.  And she was 13.  And hispanic.


So this one.  

We were all in China.  In a restaurant of all places.  And in walks our guide, Linekar (who really was our guide with Katie) holding the hand of a little girlie who looked like Lauren.  He was excited and told us here is Jing Yan.  She was shy and sweet and wouldn't look at me directly- but wasn't crying.  Then she reached up to take my hand- I tucked her little hand into mind and then panicked.  She had full hands.  All 5 fingers.  And I showed Michael and we told the guide this wasn't our daughter.  They were all flustered and realized their mistake.  And ran her out of the room.  Then they were frantically looking for Lauren.  And then I woke up.  Oh wait, after I hugged a woman who claimed to be Lauren's foster mom.  But she wasn't her Grandma that I have seen in the photos.  In fact she was a beautiful African American woman.

And then I woke up.

I am telling you folks, dreams are STRANGE.


3 thoughts on “They have started…..

  1. When I was pregnant with my son, I had crazy dreams. The most vivid dream I had started off with me “missing” labor (I was too preoccupied in a book and I didn’t notice the contractions — bwah hah hah!!), having the baby, and resting in the hospital recovery room. A nurse wheeled in a dim sum cart. She said that I could hold my baby if I could tell which one it was. I looked at the cart and saw that it was filled with tiny swaddled…loaves of bread. I saw “my” loaf on the second rack and said, “It’s the cinnamon raisin, of course.” And it was. My sweet sweet cinnamon raisin loaf.

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  3. Well, at least you’re sleeping! I didn’t get good sleep in the weeks after receiving Caroline’s referral. In a word – it was nerves. All the what if’s that in hindsight were completely without merit. I’m sure you can relate. We were walking into the unknown that only God knew the outcome.
    Lauren is surely dreaming of her new family.
    Can’t wait to see her in her family.

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