Give Away!!!

Hello Friends!! 

It is another time for a little bloggy giveaway.  Just because it is Thursday.  And cloudy outside.  And I have a belly ache.  And I really want to go to China.  So.  Here are the gifties….

From this sweet designer….Rachelle D comes your choice of a necklace!!  I bought 2 of these and am totally enthralled with them!  They are sweet and romantic and original!

Look at that sweet owl!!  Love it.

Love the colors.  Can I enter my own giveaway???


Your choice of apron, dress, bag from Scarlet Threads!

Caroline apron
An amazingly wonderful shop which benefits so many in China!!!


To enter, leave a comment in the comment section! 

I will choose random winners.  : )  One for each.  

But you have to tell me…..

If you had a million dollars….what would you do with it??


I will announce the winners on Monday morning!!!  

Have a great weekend! 


21 thoughts on “Give Away!!!

  1. Wow, let’s see…too many things I’d want to do. Pay all bills. Set up my kid’s future for college & property they could later sell or live in. Help family. Adopt more. Give to Charity (probably cancer specific) and Travel Travel Travel as much as I could.
    That would be glorious.

  2. Oh, I’ve thought about this before! First of all, I’d tithe. Then I would help families who are adopting (I’d love to have a million dollars for A Brother’s Love grants!!!)! Of course, I’d pay off my house, pay for the kids college and hop a plane to China with the whole family!

  3. a million dollars? hmmm….well, first we’d pay off the house *that we just refinanced* then we’d still be waiting for the baby, but we wouldn’t have to worry about how to pay for him šŸ™‚ Then I’d buy all new stuff for him…stroller, carseat, etc…10% to church, 10% to the orphanage. For now. Buy my Dodge Magnum *do they even make those still…whatever I’d buy used* Then because we’re practical, we’d save the rest! Well…it’s true!
    What a great idea, by the way. What are the possibilities of winning both?! hehe…

  4. If I had a million dollars I’d tithe to my church first. I would give half of what’s left to my parents. If there was ever anything they wanted to do but weren’t able to, I want them to get that chance. And it would help set them up whenever they wanted to retire, and do so comfortably. With what’s left, I would pay off my car, take my dream trip to Ireland and Greece, I’d love to go on a mission trip, but somewhere in the US. There is plenty off need in our cities. Id open my dream bakery, Then I would put the rest into savings for when I get married and start a family

  5. Wow. That is a tricky question. Along with all the giving, paying off mortgage (possibly on a slightly bigger house), pay for another adoption,save for 5 college educations, some more giving, some travel, I’d hire a house keeper to scrub my bathrooms once a week.

  6. One million dollars goes fast in this place nowadays. I would definitely either buy a new house or improve the one we have. Buy my husband a truck. Save for college. Invest wisely. And finally, GIVE GIVE GIVE! You know, since that’s my love language and all. šŸ˜‰

  7. If I had a million dollars, I would set up a fund to help families adopt older children from China. I would also give some to the Siping Orphanage, our extended family. I would keep giving until it was gone!

  8. I think I would give to my amazing church, then buy a house for my family(nothing too fancy), save a bit in case of emergencies, and give the rest away to the people/organizations who do GOD’s work on a daily basis!

  9. I’d pay off all of our debt. Then I’d get a house that would allow my children to have their own rooms, and maybe even a bathroom on the same floor. Then I’d set up savings/trust funds for the children. Then invest wisely so that we have the comfort and freedom to give to the groups we want to support while continuing to build up our community. Oh, and maybe I’d get a full pedicure at the fancy place that serves wine. šŸ™‚

  10. If I had a million dollars I would give it all to you. Then move in and let you support our family. Nah–I would love to buy a resort someplace in the middle of the country on beautiful land where all my family and precious friends could gather over the years to catch up, relax and laugh as we tell stories of hilarity. And maybe pay money for a class on proper grammar so I could post the wellest. : )

  11. I LOVE giveaways!!!! That owl is super adorable. I love owl stuff. So retro.
    Okay, a million dollars…First, I’d pay off our house so that my husband could do whatever he wanted for work and not have to worry about paying a mortgage! Come to think of it, I think I’d put the rest in the back to live off for a while so we could do some crazy volunteer work and not have to worry about money at all!

  12. A million dollars….I’m not even sure. I can honestly say I have never even thought about it! I would make sure that our debts were taken care of and that my parents were comfortable. Invest in our future and in the education of my kids. Give to a few organizations that are important to us and if anything is left take a wonderful family vacation!!!
    Maybe I should think about taking the vacation first…we need a vacation!

  13. A million dollars would make my husband and I debt free and we could buy a house with it! Some would probably go into savings for our son and future children, and I’d love to give back to our families who have been such a blessing to us during this tough financial time!

  14. Jenny, you need not worry about randomly choosing my name from this populous list of comments, but the question of what I should do if I should be awarded one million dollars does captivate and arrest my imagination, so I am compelled to provide some answer to your catalyst for thought. If I were in possession of one million dollars, I should make haste to give the tithe of it to God first and foremost as God wants us to do. Being left with nine hundred thousand dollars, which is an almost equally large amount, I should like to procure a decent place of residence for my future family, and after this I would put a good portion of the remainder of my capital into various investments and business ventures, one of which would be real estate. This might consume as much as six hundred thousand dollars, which would provide me with an excess of three hundred thousand dollars, which I should give to charity as God should direct me in my heart. I might also succumb to some selfishness based upon my wants and necessities and purchase some things that I might like, but I should not do anything rash or frivolous. I should also ensure that my parents were well situated in life also. I hope that you have enjoyed learning of my management of such wealth as I have, and I pray that you become well soon.

  15. I’d let it all ride on black – no red – no black. Or else I’d pay off some bills and live on the interest. Or else red. No, definately black.

  16. Oooh….enter me!!
    Hmm…if I had one million dollars, I would invest $800,000 wisely for the future so I wouldn’t ever lack for money to live on. With the other $200,000, I would adopt two more children from China, and then would donate money to help other families adopt. I would buy each of my five siblings something nice………and then a few things for myself.

  17. There are so many things I would be able to do with a cool mil!! I would definetly be calling our agency to adopt again, give a LARGE donation for research to cure childhood cancer and continue to pay if forward! Why is it that the people who would do soo much good, don’t have soo much money :)!

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