Y’all are the best! Next quandry….

Remember the blue sweat suit?



Me too.

What should I wear on the plane??  

I am flummoxed with what to wear.  If not a sweat suit thing then what?  It is a LOOOOOOONGGGGG flight with 3 children.  Did I mention it was long??

Please, help a frumpy ol lady out…

Or we will be once again faced with….


Seriously.  And how bout that hair. OH MY WORD.  Michael Markmiller, why did you not tell me???? 


5 thoughts on “Y’all are the best! Next quandry….

  1. ok jenny, so you need to buy a nice pair of sweats that fit you. cause your beautiful. or buy a nice pair of jeans that are comfortable. and wear a cute tee-shirt and flip flops 🙂

  2. jenny my dear….we keep missing each other…but we will talk one day! 🙂
    as far as shoes, my very favorite are danskos….i LOVE them, i have 5 pairs of them!! they are great for walking, you can wear with with socks if you want with jeans, or even without they look super cute with skirts. speaking of which, jeans and skirts. totally agree with the girl, who said buckle jeans, i just got some big star from there for christmas, favorite jeans ever. and you can’t go wrong with cute skirts, they are comfy, and yet you look totally put together. 🙂 you are so cute, and you always look great! by yourself some cute cardigans, layers always look cute…
    love you!!!

  3. hey…I’ll be wearin’ a sweatsuit. I’m trying to find one that is a little sporty…maybe that stretchy material. But with a long-haul flight…comfort first. And yes…tennies. Or maybe crocs? Just remember…we won’t see most of those people ever again (except our hubbies who love us when we look less than lovely!), and we never have to show our photos if we don’t want!! 🙂

  4. Sporty cut or yoga clothes aren’t bad at all. Just don’t go baggy! 🙂
    You know, once you get Lauren in your arms, everyone will be looking at her in the photos, not you!
    AND I am soooo glad you’re taking the kids this time. They will love China!
    Have fun!

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