My friends…. I need your help


We are gonna be taking a little trip.  Maybe I have mentioned it before.  

And I am in a quandry.

A dilemma if you will.

Last trip, in 2005….I looked, well, frumpy in China.  I bought the WORST looking shoes and clothes really thinking that COMFORT was the key.  While I still agree that comfort is the key….I also don't want to look like Frumpy Mc Frump Frump.  (who is kinda related to Dorkity Mc Dork Dork…)

Here are a couple photos that bring not only sweet and lovely memories, but kinda cause me to cringe at my choices.  

You know I have to love you to show you this.  Ok.  So I was about 20 pounds heavier here- and really thought that i needed comfort on our trip.  UM, Jenny?  Really?  Look at that butt.  YIKERS.

Love of my life.  I am thankful he loved me.  Where is my body?  Oh yeah, hidden under that huge red raincoat.

Ok, Jenny really (now that boy and baby sure are cute)- what are those shoes?  They look like old lady orthopedic shoes.

So.  I need to get some fashionable shoes.  Which are good for walking.  I don't want the typical walking shoe.  I have New Balance for the walking days.  I am needing other suggestions.  Please???  Go look back at those photos.  I need you.

With all my dorkiness,




14 thoughts on “My friends…. I need your help

  1. Personally, I think you look fine just the way you are (ok, maybe that first picture has to go but really, you look just fine).
    As for shoes, after suffering a serious hip injury I prefer comfort and support over cuteness. I usually go with a combo hiking and walking shoe. Merrill makes a good one, but regardless look for a vibram sole.
    Speaking of vibram, I LOVE my toe shoes!!!

  2. KEEN!!! I have so many pairs. They are actually making some cute ones these days too, but I even like the “ugly” ones. šŸ™‚ So excited for you.

  3. I don’t have a recommendation on shoes. Sorry.
    BUT I agree! The whole dress for comfort advice — way over-rated. We women like to LOOK GOOD!!! Makes us feel better. With that said, I hope you pack a couple really comfy outfits, for those days you want to just snuggle!
    Have fun! Relax and enjoy šŸ™‚ Really!

  4. Sketchers makes some really cute tennies that look like flats. Wearing without some kind of sock or foot liner can make them a bit stinky, but really…form or fashion! As for comfort, if you decide to splurge, try Buckle Jeans. The sales people are trained to find you the most outstanding pair made just for your shape and comfort. They can range from $50-90, but I swear by them and will never by jeans anywhere else. The style they chose for me makes my butt look amazing! Just don’t fall for the “anyone can wear skinny jeans” line. I can’t! Finally, a comfortable stylish look for travel is a shell or camisoloe tank (currently on sale at Gap Outlets) and a colorful cardigan. Hangs perfect over a great fitting pair of jeans. Oh and always bring some sort of scarf to stylishly throw around your neck! Can you tell I travel a lot? I am so NOT the fashionista this just made me sound out to be. Have a great trip!

  5. Really…the shoes are not the issue here!!! The giant saggy-bottomed sweats….that is the issue!!! Bahaha! That is hilarious! You crack me up!!! You always look cute…just dress like normal and find some great shoes that are comfortable…Keens, Chokos, Clarks, etc. Go to Metro, they have all kinds of comfy shoes and cute too!

  6. You guys are awesome!! Keep em coming. And Joy- no joke on those sweats. WHAT WAS I THINKING? And why am I even sharing this? I think I am sick in the head. Shut up.

  7. Ok, here’s what I’ve tried to do…go sporty. You should go to an outdoor store and check out the clothes. The REI store in Bozeman is oh so cute, yet oh so sporty AND comfy. Title Nine and Athleta are two of my other favorites. I wear Solomon low top hiking shoes all the time….just sayin’!

  8. You REALLY must love us to post that first pic!! Jenny, that is hilarious!!! But we ALL have pictures like that hidden in our closets (mostly, because those were the days before digital cameras!). I agree with Joy – you always look cute! And I don’t have any good shoe info. I buy cheap cheap shoes and them just aint made for walkin’. I’m sure you’ll fins something great and be as fashionable as eve this time around. (and when you go back your third time you’ll look back at these choices and be horrified again!)

  9. I LOVE YOU, JENNY MARKMILLER!!! Privo’s are wonderful. Just make sure they don’t rub you in the wrong place. I had some that caused a blister in New York, but I have a few pair that are SUPERB! Liberty also did a post about comfortable shoes. She walked around Paris is them. And, I’m certain that NY&Co makes cute sweatsuits, and you own one. šŸ™‚

  10. I agree with a lot of these suggestions — I wear my Keens, Chacos and Danskos regularly. My Keens and Chacos are pretty sporty so I can’t wear those everywhere, but my Dansko clogs are pretty much perfect b/c I can walk in them all day and look respectable in less casual settings. (One warning: I had to get used to walking in them. When I first bought them, I kept falling off of them and twisting my ankle. But I’m kind of klutz-y.)

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