Love these kids…..


Sammy and I were talking in the car yesterday about Lauren and he said "Mom, isn't it funny how I look at her picture and I already love her so much?" 

I melted right then and there.


Jack is always thinking of how she is feeling.  Especially in regards to when she leaves her foster family.  Such a sweet heart.


And this one?  She told me the other day "Momma, if anyone makes fun of Lauren I will take her hand and tell them to STOP IT.  And maybe kick them."

Oh how I love these kids.

But baby, you can't kick people.

Even if they are being mean.  And rotten.

Can you?




3 thoughts on “Love these kids…..

  1. Kicking? Hmmmm…maybe not, but gotta love her spunk and protectiveness over her baby sister!! I remember Jacob saying how he’d “womp” somebody if they ever made fun of Laura. It’s like…you don’t want them to really do it…kind of…but yet you do…know what I mean?? Did you get your NVC approval yet?

  2. Our Hannah is comfortable with dealing with curiosity and some teasing with her little hand. One boy who wouldn’t let the subject go found she wasn’t going to back down in tears. She’d told him God just made her that way and she was happy with who she was. When he kept pressing her she got in his face and said “because I’m special and you’re not!!”. That’s my girl : )

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