Happy Birthday Jack!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to our first born son….

Jack you came into our lives 12 years ago, and our lives have never been the same since.

You are a joy, you are determined, compassionate, loving, FUNNY, amazingly tender and strong.  Watching you grow into a young man has been an honor.  We are blessed to have you in our lives. These years have been a privilege to be your Mom and Dad.  We pray that the Lord will bless us you this coming year and that you grow ever closer to him!  We love you SO much!!!



Article 5

Our Article 5 was picked up at the US Consulate in Guangzhou yesterday and sent to the CCAA.  We are finally in the wait for our TA, otherwise known as Travel Approval.  Otherwise known as let's get our butts to CHINA baby!!! : )  As I was writing this post, the nice Fed Ex man brought us a package containing our Visa's.  We are ready!!  Let's go!!


Without Further Ado….. chosen randomly…

The winner of the necklace:

Photo 18
Congrats Danielle!!!  

And the winner of the apron….

Photo 21


Ok girlies, contact me @ markmillerfamily@sbcglobal.net and let me know which you would like and your mailing address!!!!  Congratulations!


And I loved hearing all your ways that you would all use the million dollars.  Don't you wish we could all have the luxury of not only paying all our debts, but giving giving giving??  That was a common theme throughout all the comments.  I love you guys.

Give Away!!!

Hello Friends!! 

It is another time for a little bloggy giveaway.  Just because it is Thursday.  And cloudy outside.  And I have a belly ache.  And I really want to go to China.  So.  Here are the gifties….

From this sweet designer….Rachelle D comes your choice of a necklace!!  I bought 2 of these and am totally enthralled with them!  They are sweet and romantic and original!

Look at that sweet owl!!  Love it.

Love the colors.  Can I enter my own giveaway???


Your choice of apron, dress, bag from Scarlet Threads!

Caroline apron
An amazingly wonderful shop which benefits so many in China!!!


To enter, leave a comment in the comment section! 

I will choose random winners.  : )  One for each.  

But you have to tell me…..

If you had a million dollars….what would you do with it??


I will announce the winners on Monday morning!!!  

Have a great weekend! 

Answers- are ya holding your breath??

I know all of you have been waiting for the answers to your burning questions.

: )

What am I making for dinner?

Chicken, rice and broccoli.  Not too thrilling.  And Norman made me sneeze.  

Favorite quote from Brady Bunch?

Wow.  Just one?  That is so not fair.  Umm…. "Peta, Peta" is one… "Hold on Peter, let me check with my mom (whistling)" and "oh yeah, I keep forgitting"  are just a few!

What are Buckle Jeans?

Here is the website.  They have stores in malls- they look like a teen store- but totally have amazing jeans.  And other stuff too.  I bought the Big Star Maddie style.  The lady who helped me was awesome.  Totally fit me perfectly!!

What is my favorite TV show right now??

Well.  I am waiting for The Amazing Race- but until then…. um….. House.  And you would NEVER fill out that awful blue sweatsuit.  

Does the blog reflect the "real me"?

I think it does.  I am pretty real in every circumstance.  Maybe that comes with age- I don't know.  I tend to be snarky in real life.  So that comes through on the blog, right?  I am a huge dork- and that comes through.  I don't try to hide anything either.  

Why do I blog?

I am SO not a crafty person.  I don't scrapbook.  So this initially started as a kind of scrapbook for our family.  And a place where our friends and family could see photos of our family from far away.  Since I have been blogging, I find that I love writing and sharing my heart.  And my craziness.  : )

This was fun!!  Stay tuned for a fun giveaway!!


Dude. You were right!

To my friends Tricia and Amy- thank you thank you thank you for suggesting Buckle Jeans.  OH MY WORD.  

And I am trying different shoes.

And I WILL look non-frumpy.

All due to you.

Thank you.


And that blue sweat suit is up for grabs. 

I'm just that kind.