Remember back in November, when I said goodbye to Diet Coke?  I think I may have started a total life change.  And I am surprised.  Never, I thought, in a million years would I be able to give up Diet Coke.  Let alone change my entire way of eating.  And actually like it?  Or actually feel better?

I LOVED my DC.  I mean we are talking a full on addiction.  And now, it has been 9, almost 10 months.  

So.  I started having odd symptoms.  The one that drove me to the doctor was my incessantly itchy eyelids.  HUH?  Seriously.  I have had stomach issues forever, and headaches, but the one thing that made me run to the doc was itchy eyelids?

I have issues.

So, went to my eye doctor- thinking he would tell me "oh that is bad eczema, here, use this cream and it will stop driving you to drinking".  Instead, he looked at my poor eyelids and said "you have a yeast infection all over your eyelids.  I will give you cream, but you really need to consider your diet."

Uh, say what?  My diet?  For my eyelids?  Stop.

I must have looked like Gary Coleman- "what you talkin' bout doc?" 

And he went on to explain that yeast feeds off of sugar in the body and can manifest itself in many different ways.  Skin infections being one of them.

He applauded my soda cessation.  And then challenged me to look into an anti-fungal diet.  YUMMY.  Isn't that the words you want before diet?  No, those are the words I want before an athlete's foot cream.  Or cream for your hoo- hoo.  Not for a diet.  Sorry for the hoo- hoo thing.

He gave me some info on it, and then suggested I try it for a time and see how I felt.  Well.  I will tell you how I felt.  I was embarrassed and defeated.  Not for long.  

I really took his information to heart.  I visited a website  and really read over the information.  I talked with Michael about it and we decided that there was nothing harmful about this diet, so I would embark on ridding my body of all that yeast.

Soo… out with Sugar.

Did you know how many things have sugar in them?  Without you even knowing?  Sheesh.  Even pasta sauce.  So now I make my own.  Dressings?  Forget it.  A little lemon juice or balsamic vinegar, now becomes my ranch.  I NEVER thought I would like it.  Let alone look forward to it, but I do.

The other thing that I have given up is any flour.  Yeast breads.  Bread in general.  Um.  Hello? Do you remember my little infatuations about bread with butter?  Yes.  This one was tough.  REALLY tough.

Go ahead its gluten free

Another reason for my change in diet is that my mom and my sister have Celiac Disease.  This is an allergy to wheat and gluten.  My mom was diagnosed about 15 years ago after living her life with stomach issues.  My sister Amy decided to test herself because she had been dealing with stomach issues- and me?  I have always had tummy troubles.  So whilst I was revolutionizing my life- taking out sugar and wheat, why not go gluten free as well.

I don't do all the gluten free foods in the market at all.  I am just strictly eating fresh veggies, fruits, dairy( some), lean proteins, and whole grains.  Not any flour though.  And I am trying to limit those as they tend to be triggers for me to eat more.  And more.  Dude.  Give me a cracker and I am a goner.  I also have been snacking on nuts.  Not too many.

So. How am I feeling?  Awesome.  It has been 2 months now.  I have lost 12 pounds.  My face is clear.  I have more energy, and my moods are leveling out.  At the beginning, I had 3 styes in my eye.  That my friends was awful.  I thought to myself, I need to get me some fishy crackers and french bread.  My eyes are worse!  But from what I learned, my body was really getting rid of crap that I had inside and that was one aspect.

I have not had itchy eyelids.  Or itchy anything due to yeast since starting this way of eating.  And while sometimes I crave some ice cream, my cravings are pretty much gone.

I am a believer now that what you put into your body really does affect everything.  Even eyelids.

So I will continue on.  No- not the most fun.  And I get lots of questions.  But, I feel good!  So I will keep on going.  Not to mention that I began working out again…and um, yeah.  I can't even lift my arms to dry my hair.

Forgive my flat hair.

And my groans of pain as I get up from a chair.



5 thoughts on “Changed

  1. Hey lady,
    If you need encouragement, I blog on living healthy God’s way every Friday 🙂
    You’re welcome to join us.
    Glad you’re doing so well. ENJOY! the energy and feeling so good… and the new, skinny jeans! 🙂

  2. Good for you, Jenny. I have had stomach issues for years, too. I wonder if I need to change my diet. Originally, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, but it’s been in remission for years. Nevertheless, I still live with the symptoms a lot of the time. I hate it.

  3. Joannah- just try removing one thing at a time. Not much fun- but you can eliminate things. If you want to do any blood testing- you have to be eating the food- so get tested before you try and eliminate! : )

  4. Well, you know I am a very firm believer in what-you-eat-and-how-you-eat-it affects every part of one’s body, mind, and spirit, so yay for making some really hard changes! Detox tanks and will continue to manifest itself in weird ways while toxins process out, but sounds like you’re over the really hard part. So very many “diseases” can be radically shifted and even stopped if we re-evaluate what we’re eating. And then if you’ve stopped eating eggs you can feel secretly sanctimonious about that salmonella thing, heh. Not that I feel that way or anything.

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