What I think about whilst waiting

Lauren egg

First things first- HOW CUTE IS SHE?


Things I have been thinking about whilst waiting again…

  • the heat
  • how hot it is
  • ovens
  • frying pans
  • saunas
  • the pool
  • and the fact that even the water is hot
  • and not refreshing
  • yet we go and pretend
  • wonder if Lauren knows about us yet
  • worried that she doesn't
  • worried that she does and is scared
  • cannot wait to meet her either way
  • wondering if she likes girlie toys
  • or should I get her nerf guns
  • I need to get her one
  • to defend herself
  • it often is war around these parts
  • there's gold in them there hills
  • sorry
  • one of our trees is dead
  • we need to have it removed
  • it just looks all sad and dejected
  • the other trees are surrounding it trying to perk it up
  • not workin
  • even the squirrels don't go near it
  • poor tree
  • I cannot for the life of me find an important document
  • I know it is in this house
  • just no clue
  • I may be the only mom looking forward to the routine of school
  • not the idea of waking up at the crack o' dawn
  • ew.
  • I just said crack
  • and O' 
  • I love corn
  • did you know they have deep fried butter at fairs now?
  • Seriously. DEEP FRIED butter
  • there is much wrong with that 
  • Fenway is getting really old
  • and it breaks our hearts
  • why won't Trader Joes come to Oklahoma?
  • I have begged and pleaded.  AND NOTHING
  • I am jonesing for some Orange Chicken
  • I have been eating clean, and fungal free for 2 months
  • ew. 
  • I said fungal.
  • I need to exercise more
  • but I can't until my check up on my gimpy leg
  • I hate it when food gets stuck in your teeth
  • and there is nary a floss or toothpick in sight
  • anyone else used a corner of paper to try and get said food out?
  • or finger nail?
  • oh
  • no?
  • neither have I.
  • just askin
  • The Help is the best book I have read in a long while
  • I didn't want it to end.
  • I am so lame that way
  • I want to relish in the world as long as I can
  • I do not like relish.
  • I do not like sweet pickles
  • my mom used to eat peanut butter and sweet pickle sandwiches
  • my dad used to eat meatloaf, mayonnaise and jello sandwiches
  • and they fed us peanut butter and mayo sandwiches
  • and perhaps that is one reason I am the way I am today
  • and that my friends is enough for today.
  • or forever.
  • Goodbye.
    Xu Jing Yan Photo 1-1



4 thoughts on “What I think about whilst waiting

  1. Ok, you need your little girl home because your mind is going all “stream of consciousness”. And it’s a little scary. Your mind needs a diversion. 😉
    Nerf guns are the norm around here too. See my blog for a scary picture of Caroline with a nerf gun. Oh yeah. It’s great to have a big brother. 🙂
    Getting so excited for you!

  2. Seriously LOL!!! Oh my goodness … first things first … YES she is a honey. Can NOT wait to meet you both very soon. PB and Mayo was my favorite thing to eat (well before we had a child highly allergic to PB) but as I recall .. it’s wonderful. 🙂 And now that you mention it I am going to go get The Help OFF my bookcase where it has been sitting collecting dust for the past month and read it, thanks.

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