family trip

The reason we went out to California- Sammy as Winthrop in the Music Man.  Dude.  This band ROCKED. 

Oh- Ho, the Wellth Fargo Wagon ith a comin'….

Dude.  When did he get so big??

Don't get me started!

Oh how I love this man….wait…..what is he doing?

And what is SHE doing?

Certainly not teaching them….

To tag.


Not at all.

(does this remind anyone of Charlie's Angels?)

Hello Angels.

I had a Charlie's Angels lunchbox.

But that is for another time.       


Home, happy and really really impatient.




Ok.  I know I have been gone.  For a LONG time.  I know how much my public misses my blogging wittiness.  I know how much you freak out when you can't gaze upon my children's goofy faces.  


Wait no more my friends.  We are back from our vacation- wait- scratch that, family trip to California.  My bestie and I decided that vacations are relaxed, and lazy and deliciously indulgent.  Family trips, are chaotic, tiring and some of the best memories around. 

So we arrived home from CA on Wednesday night.  After 3 days of driving.  In our car.  Together.  

Do you know that kids can really smell?  

Do you know that if there is one millimeter of "personal space" that is interfered with that yelling will ensue?  And sometimes punching? 

Do you know that I get REALLY crabby with my husband and kids when I have not seen our home in 3 weeks?

Well.  I do now.  And I am really really thankful that my husband lovingly road out my moments of well, um…. not nice.  

And I am thankful my kids didn't kill each other.  Or kill us with their stankiness.

I am really proud to tell you that on the way home we taught our children the art of graffiti.  

And ate at a really cool diner.

And stayed in one AMAZING hotel and one, well.  Um.  Not amazing.  And I made the kids keep their shoes on.  And told them not to shower till we got home.  And bathed them in hand saniizer.  Of course, it was fine.  But I am a little OCD with that. 

A little.

But now….we are home.  HOME.  What a wonderful word.  And what a wonderful place.

And now.  Whilst I am wading through loads of laundry and bills and reading all the catalogs, and planning back to school shopping…..

we are waiting. 

We have been logged in with China since June 12th.  

Still no LOA .

And I am really really being patient.

Um.  Raise your hand if you believe it.

Cause I am lying.


And now.  I will go through my sweet husbands umpteen photos.  And I will post some soon. 

Back to pacing and obsessing.  At least my kids are clean.


Well, actually, a working vacation! : )  We are in California….doing a SHOW….if you are in the SO. Cal area- please come!  It is gonna be great.  Sammy is playing Winthrop in the Music Man on Thursday and Saturday at 7 pm.  Let me know if you want to come!!!

Also….another great show…..


On Thursday evening…..

There is a benefit for Love Without Boundaries.  All proceeds of the tickets for HSM will go to LWB.  Didja get that?? 100% of the ticket sales will go to LWB.  So if you are in the OKC area- go to the show!!!! 

And now, back to my bloggy break.  We have officially been logged in for 30 days today- so we are hoping for our LOA soon.


To the love of my life….

Happy Birthday.  I love you so much.  I miss you terribly.  I can't wait to see you on Tuesday!!!!!