It's Africa Hot. (Movie anyone?)

So in honor of it being hot.  

  • I love days when you step outside in the morning to take your puppy out, and the air hits you like a wall.  LOVE it.
  • I guess I am really thankful I have stick straight hair on these humid days.
  • I wonder if I should cut my hair?
  • Opinions?
  • Anyone ever really try to fry an egg on a sidewalk?
  • Anyone ever been dared to eat said egg?
  • I never have.  Just wondering.
  • I miss our rats.
  • They were cute.
  • And they really bugged Kristine Ho.
  • Not that we ever teased her or pretended they got out to scare her.
  • They hay is really tall in the hay meadow.
  • I am surprised they haven't baled it yet.
  • I am afraid of what evil lurks in the meadow.
  • Adee Do.
  • Sorry.
  • I love local commercials
  • there is some home builder here that has the WORST commercials
  • with his family and everything
  • and it is way cheesy.
  • which is why I love them so.
  • Atwoods is another.
  • are you asleep yet.
  • Fenway turns in a circle no less then 6 times before finally lying down.
  • why?
  • when I get old will I too circle my bed 6 times before climbing in?
  • when I get old will I bite my toe?
  • ew.
  • the birds who were frequent visitors to our bird feeder have been on a boycott of the seeds we put in this time.
  • this perplexes me.
  • the lake is still bloody red in color.
  • well, no rust is more accurate.
  • Michael built an amazing rocket for our church's VBS
  • and now he destroyed it.
  • the end.
  • I am in a raspberries with greek yogurt kick right now
  • I have not had a diet coke or diet dr. pepper since Nov. 7th, 2009
  • I have had repeated dreams that I have a sip of one and then get all mad at myself
  • thankfully it is just a dream
  • no more cravings for it anymore
  • though I still go to Sonic, just to get a big cup of water with the ice and a straw
  • sometimes I will get Sprite zero
  • cause I like to live on the edge a little
  • as I get older, I don't like alcohol that much anymore
  • I LOVED wine coolers in high school
  • and used to drink them in the park with friends.
  • and then we TP'd
  • We also twinkied someones lawn.
  • And beaned someones lawn.
  • and my favorite was biscuiting. 
  • we would get pilsbury biscuits and throw them at cars (not cooked, raw)
  • it made the BEST slappy sound.
  • sheesh
  • how many years till my kids are teens?
  • oh Lord hurry back.
  • my leg is feeling better
  • but it gets sore
  • I am old
  • I am going to be forty in a couple of weeks
  • so much for my "I will be in the best shape of my life by 40"
  • heh
  • maybe by 50?
  • if I make it that long
  • I cannot stop listening to Glee.
  • I cannot listen to the Aristocat's soundtrack one more time.
  • I have not eaten sugar in 5 days.
  • I have not had bread in 5 days.
  • If I keel over, it was good knowing you.
  • I am headed out in the heat now.
  • Goodbye,
  • Forever.
  • Or till I come back inside.
  • or tomorrow. 

6 thoughts on “Hot

  1. I’m with you on the Aristocats CD…I know EXACTLY the home-builder you’re referring to…I used to throw Long John Silvers hush puppies at cars when I was in high school—we liked aiming for open windows 🙂 but I LOVE the biscuit idea!

  2. Tarzan couldn’t take this kind of heat.
    It’s supposed to be in the upper 80’s here in SoCal today, but I’m chilly as heck. I came home for lunch and had to put my robe on. The ladies in my office are of a certian age and are freezing me out! Maybe I’m going through the change in reverse? And I thought it was Rice Krispies on the lawn?

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