Flood and other things.

Wow.  Yesterday was a little crazy.  It started early at 4:00 am with thunder, lightening, my husband running wildly out the door to church to batten down his amazingly wonderful rocket that he made to decorate for VBS. The minute he left, loud thunder and lightening ensued.  In pops this Sammy and then Jack joined us not long after.  I had the TV on to make sure what the storm looked like.  It was insane how much rain dumped on Oklahoma!  Truly.  I have NEVER been in a rain storm like that before.  I am so thankful to say that we are ok- and our friends are too.  We will continue to pray for everyone in the state.

So on to other things.

I am missing my daily 4 mile walks. So is Maisy.  She ate a bean and cheese burrito today from our island in the kitchen.  She also ate a plate full of cookies from the island in the kitchen.  Anyone see a similar theme??  

Old lady
I feel a little like this.  Though I can't even do this much exercise.  Maybe if I got a swell sweat suit.  And a keen hairdo.

Or we could simply talk about my food intake over the last couple of days.  Or you could just look at this…


There is a Lard Information Council.  

If you don't hear from me, check with them.

Goodbye.  Forever.

Or until I am done with my stint at the Council.

Or tomorrow.  




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