Things I thought about whilst swimming (ok, floating) today

  • cellulite
  • cottage cheese
  • dimples
  • rolls
  • bread
  • butter
  • (ok, I just added those last two, but probably in the time I was at the pool my mind may have wandered to bread and butter)
  • spiders, I kinda dig them
  • how I detest my feet feeling dry
  • I love the color on my toes this time
  • why do my children torment each other so
  • should I be disturbed that my kids used the password nincompoop in a game
  • and then yelled it loudly
  • who always leaves that sock at the pool
  • and ew, it needs a wash
  • there is NEVER toilet paper in the bathroom
  • no mom I know would ever tell her kids to use paper towels- but not flush them
  • thankfully no one pooped
  • there is that word again
  • poop
  • when you see a really hideodeous bug in the pool, is it ok just to let it be?  Or should I save it.
  • what if that bug bit me
  • and I fell underwater 
  • and my kids didn't notice
  • and I died
  • the end.
  • frozen yogurt
  • who invented gummy worms
  • and who ever thought that gummy candies and chocolate would go together well?
  • that combination tastes like barf
  • or poop
  • my legs match the white chair I am sitting on
  • Katie has the most infectious giggle
  • they are all under the floaty thing together.
  • yes, I said under
  • they can come up for air
  • oh wait, it is a mesh chair
  • my eyelids are itchy
  • cellulite, again
  • Sammy just yelled loudly "someone just peed, I feel a warm spot"
  • thankfully we are alone at the pool.
  • It wasn't me.
  • just sayin
  • aw crap, I gotta get some black sweats for Sammy for the show
  • it is DIFFICULT to find black sweats in the summer
  • even at goodwill
  • I have a hangnail
  • why is it called a nail- isn't it a little piece of skin?
  • it is hanging and all, but really- not a nail
  • I could go for some ice cream
  • heath bar crunch
  • cellulite
  • how much I love my cover up
  • gotta get Jack ready for football camp.
  • but I like my view a whole bunch.
  • ok, gotta move.
  • hope no one stares at that cellulite.
  • goodbye 
  • forever.
  • or until tomorrow.  whichever comes first.



8 thoughts on “Things I thought about whilst swimming (ok, floating) today

  1. I’d like to crawl inside your brain and cuddle up for a while.
    P.S. I happen to ADORE chocolate covered gummy bears.

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