It's Africa Hot. (Movie anyone?)

So in honor of it being hot.  

  • I love days when you step outside in the morning to take your puppy out, and the air hits you like a wall.  LOVE it.
  • I guess I am really thankful I have stick straight hair on these humid days.
  • I wonder if I should cut my hair?
  • Opinions?
  • Anyone ever really try to fry an egg on a sidewalk?
  • Anyone ever been dared to eat said egg?
  • I never have.  Just wondering.
  • I miss our rats.
  • They were cute.
  • And they really bugged Kristine Ho.
  • Not that we ever teased her or pretended they got out to scare her.
  • They hay is really tall in the hay meadow.
  • I am surprised they haven't baled it yet.
  • I am afraid of what evil lurks in the meadow.
  • Adee Do.
  • Sorry.
  • I love local commercials
  • there is some home builder here that has the WORST commercials
  • with his family and everything
  • and it is way cheesy.
  • which is why I love them so.
  • Atwoods is another.
  • are you asleep yet.
  • Fenway turns in a circle no less then 6 times before finally lying down.
  • why?
  • when I get old will I too circle my bed 6 times before climbing in?
  • when I get old will I bite my toe?
  • ew.
  • the birds who were frequent visitors to our bird feeder have been on a boycott of the seeds we put in this time.
  • this perplexes me.
  • the lake is still bloody red in color.
  • well, no rust is more accurate.
  • Michael built an amazing rocket for our church's VBS
  • and now he destroyed it.
  • the end.
  • I am in a raspberries with greek yogurt kick right now
  • I have not had a diet coke or diet dr. pepper since Nov. 7th, 2009
  • I have had repeated dreams that I have a sip of one and then get all mad at myself
  • thankfully it is just a dream
  • no more cravings for it anymore
  • though I still go to Sonic, just to get a big cup of water with the ice and a straw
  • sometimes I will get Sprite zero
  • cause I like to live on the edge a little
  • as I get older, I don't like alcohol that much anymore
  • I LOVED wine coolers in high school
  • and used to drink them in the park with friends.
  • and then we TP'd
  • We also twinkied someones lawn.
  • And beaned someones lawn.
  • and my favorite was biscuiting. 
  • we would get pilsbury biscuits and throw them at cars (not cooked, raw)
  • it made the BEST slappy sound.
  • sheesh
  • how many years till my kids are teens?
  • oh Lord hurry back.
  • my leg is feeling better
  • but it gets sore
  • I am old
  • I am going to be forty in a couple of weeks
  • so much for my "I will be in the best shape of my life by 40"
  • heh
  • maybe by 50?
  • if I make it that long
  • I cannot stop listening to Glee.
  • I cannot listen to the Aristocat's soundtrack one more time.
  • I have not eaten sugar in 5 days.
  • I have not had bread in 5 days.
  • If I keel over, it was good knowing you.
  • I am headed out in the heat now.
  • Goodbye,
  • Forever.
  • Or till I come back inside.
  • or tomorrow. 

Log In Date!!!


We cleared another little hurdle!  We got our Log in Date with the CCAA- we are logged in officially as of June 12, 2010!!!  

: )


Flood and other things.

Wow.  Yesterday was a little crazy.  It started early at 4:00 am with thunder, lightening, my husband running wildly out the door to church to batten down his amazingly wonderful rocket that he made to decorate for VBS. The minute he left, loud thunder and lightening ensued.  In pops this Sammy and then Jack joined us not long after.  I had the TV on to make sure what the storm looked like.  It was insane how much rain dumped on Oklahoma!  Truly.  I have NEVER been in a rain storm like that before.  I am so thankful to say that we are ok- and our friends are too.  We will continue to pray for everyone in the state.

So on to other things.

I am missing my daily 4 mile walks. So is Maisy.  She ate a bean and cheese burrito today from our island in the kitchen.  She also ate a plate full of cookies from the island in the kitchen.  Anyone see a similar theme??  

Old lady
I feel a little like this.  Though I can't even do this much exercise.  Maybe if I got a swell sweat suit.  And a keen hairdo.

Or we could simply talk about my food intake over the last couple of days.  Or you could just look at this…


There is a Lard Information Council.  

If you don't hear from me, check with them.

Goodbye.  Forever.

Or until I am done with my stint at the Council.

Or tomorrow.  



The reason….

There is a blog that I follow…..about a family who has several children.  Some homegrown, some adopted.  The past 2 little girls are finally home.  Their story is amazingly wonderful and incredibly heartbreaking at the same time.

I would so encourage you to go back and read their story.  It has blessed me beyond words.  

It amazes me of what love, constant contact and mostly prayer can do.


Can I ask you a question?

I get that question a lot.  Many times by my children.  And Michael often comes back with the witty retort "you just did".  That answer seems to baffle our offspring.  And annoy me just a little.

Since we adopted Katie Mei we get asked this question, often.  Can I ask you a question is usually followed by "well, we are considering adoption and….."  

It never ceases to make my heart beat a little more quickly and my breath catches in my throat.  I want to clap my hands and jump up and down.  But I know that may make the person asking the question a little freaked out.  And creeped out.  Remember the cellulite.

If you know me- you know that I LOVE talking about adoption.  I love hearing the stories of how the families are being led to consider adopting.  I love telling the stories of our adoption processes.  Once your heart has been touched by the absolute miracle of adoption, you are hooked.  You are tuned in to the plight of orphans in the US and all over the world.  

I love to hear the concerns, fears and desires of these families as they are praying about, discussing, thinking or in my case, obsessing about whether adoption is right for them and their family.  I love easing fears about money, about time with your kids, about loving another child.  

I love that people come to us with lists of questions, and while we can't answer every single one, we discuss with them options and people we know who can get them the answers to those questions.  I love watching their faces light up when we hit something in their hearts.  I love their concerns and their fears, because I know that they are truly considering every aspect of the process and not just falling in love with the process.

It would be really easy for me just to be thankful for the fact that God chose to expand our family by adoption.  Then I could sit back and simply enjoy my family and the sweetness of our children.  But, I really feel like I have been called to do much more then that.  There are over 147 million orphans in the world.  147 MILLION.  So.  My heart couldn't sit back.  Couldn't sit still and simply enjoy.

Truly, we thought we were done with 3.  Both Michael and I were totally content.  Totally loving our children and their bond.  But God had different plans.  He once again opened our hearts to adoption.  Truly, we both questioned our sanity.  And still do.  Go back and read some of my posts with my random lists and you too will question my sanity,  

With our hearts open, He led us to Lauren.  I will tell that story (which is amazing) when we get our RA and can officially share her photo and story with you.  

Do I think we are done with 4? I do- but then again, both of us thought we were done at 3.  But with 147 million children out there needing forever families, I can't say that.  My heart has been touched by the One who has made me His own.  

We have been blessed to have been a part of friends who have come with questions and now have children home.  These families have children.  These children have families.  Their lives, on both sides have been inexplicably changed.  Amazingly blessed.  And forever altered.  

So.  Can I ask YOU a question?  Have you considered opening your home and heart to a child who is in desperate need of a family?  

I would encourage you to think about that.

And then, find someone you can ask. 

You may get an amazingly wonderful answer.