It is summer. Officially.


Summer.  Really?  Already??  

I feel so old when I say- "man, where does time go?"  but really, where does time go?  It is officially summer in the Markmiller household.  Let the rumpus begin.

Things I love about summer:  (also titled random thoughts going through my head at the beginning of summer)

  • no early mornings 
  • late bedtimes 
  • fireflies
  • the pool is open
  • this means I put on a bathing suit
  • which means I curse a lot
  • and cry
  • and wail
  • and then get in the pool and feel uber skinny 
  • because you really are weightless in water.
  • so I end up staying there all day
  • and wrinkle up
  • but I don't care.  I am weightless in water.
  • snow cones
  • bike riding around the lake
  • Maisy killing the bird making a nest on our porch
  • so, ok, I don't like that about summer.
  • late night lightening storms
  • Old Navy sundresses
  • sandals on Katie Mei's feet
  • Katie Mei's painted toenails
  • popcicles outside
  • chalk drawing on the driveway
  • watching the kids run around playing in the backyard together with nary a care in the world.
  • the word nary.
  • sweaty heads hugging me
  • the smell of sunscreen
  • and bug spray
  • I hate ticks
  • and mosquitos
  • one time I had two ticks in my underware after a hike.
  • I screamed and threw my panties away.
  • armadillos are cool
  • and a little creepy
  • trips to Pop's 
  • cool showers after playing outside for hours
  • pajamas till noon
  • listening to my kids giggle about the Brady Bunch
  • finding frogs in our yard
  • that is NOT my favorite
  • I kinda have a little fear of frogs
  • one swam at me one time in Palm Springs
  • I cried for a day
  • and have never been the same about frogs.
  • ice cream
  • Ok, I love ice cream all the time, but it just tastes better in summer
  • new neighbors
  • old neighbors who call the city to complain about weeds under our trees
  • I won't go any further
  • but I call her Mrs. Kravitz
  • sitting on our rocking chairs on the back porch
  • with my toes touching Michael's
  • vacation plans
  • weekend get away plans
  • football camp
  • play practice
  • family dinners
  • hamburgers
  • Rosetta Stone, Chinese
  • heaven help me!
  • Dossier to China this Friday.
  • another Markmiller with us next summer
  • for sweet drippy ice cream cones
  • bubble blowing
  • firefly catching
  • and another sweet head to kiss goodnight…..

Bring it on summer!



7 thoughts on “It is summer. Officially.

  1. Is it OK for me to be a teenie bit envious…I want to be DTC so badly!!!!! We’re STILL waiting on three docs to be authenticated. What is so hard about putting a dumb seal on a doc??? Sigh…maybe soon and we could travel at the same time!

  2. 🙂 I know Memorial Day means summer but 2 more weeks of school means I’m not quite there in my head yet. Of course, the 90 degree weather we have today is helping me “think” summer right now…especially since we don’t have central air. Ugh.

  3. I like this, Katie! I didn’t know that you had a blog until recently. (I would also like to pick your brain as to the “how to start” of blogging sometime…just a little side note, there.) Makes me want to be a Markmiller, too!

  4. Just realized that I called you, “Katie,” Jenny. Shame on me…however, you are indelibly marked as belonging to Katie in my brain. That’s NOT a bad thing, now is it?

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