Just one more document….


It is killing me.  This wait.  Seriously- we are waiting on one document that is being authenticated right now in this building.  The Chinese Consulate of Houston.  If it weren't such a long drive, I would be in my car right now driving down to beg for our document.

Once that is in our hands, our dossier can finally go to China.  

The steps after that are both clear and unclear to me.  This process is so different then when we adopted this little peanut

5 years ago.

We will get our Log In Date and then within a couple of months, we should get our official approval from China.  Then we can share our little honey with the world!  

And then hopefully soon after (after many steps that I am a little clueless about), our travel approval and then we go to China!

We are taking everyone with us.


We may be crazy.

In fact, we are.

But we cannot imagine not bringing all three with us this time.  And they are SO excited about it.  I am already praying about it.  And thinking of running away.  


A little.

But I am also thinking about our sweet Lauren Grace.  She has been woven into our hearts and our life.  I cannot WAIT to tell her story to you, and share truly, how God has showed us that she is a Markmiller.  

She is in an amazing place.  She is loved.  She is growing and developing.  We can see in all her photos that she is full of sunshine.  And has a funny personality.  And loves to eat treats.  And is clever.

And we cannot believe that we have the absolute joy of being her family.

Oh Houston…..please….hurry. 




5 thoughts on “Just one more document….

  1. Can’t wait to hear more! Congrats!! This waiting stuff, in the word’s of my mother, is “for the birds”. We are “waiting” on our end too!
    Hang in there! Yeah!!!

  2. Love, love the picture of Katie – what joy! Lauren is so blessed to be a part of your hearts and soon a very real part of your lives. Going to China as a family will be special memory your children will treasure for their entire lives!

  3. I agree with Susan. We brought Peter to China and I think it really helped him understand how his adoption brought us so much joy and he got to feel what it was like to “birth” a new child into the family. I think it will be really great for Katie, especially. She is a little older than Peter was when we went to China and he still remembers everything about our trip. It’s a very magical time, as you know, and it will be a wonderful memory for everyone.

  4. Jenny,
    Our boys still LOVE having been to China. They share so many wonderful stories with Ellie about where she was born. AND they love to tell her all sorts of baby stories. It’s priceless!!!! 100% worth taking them all!!!!
    From the mommy end, it was also nice to have the boys there with me. My heart wasn’t torn between there and home.
    Can’t wait to “meet” her!!!!

  5. If we ever have a “next time,” I think we’ll take the kids too. Doubtful that we will though…Mark still is in disbelief that we have 4! Can’t wait to hear your documents are on their way!

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