It is summer. Officially.


Summer.  Really?  Already??  

I feel so old when I say- "man, where does time go?"  but really, where does time go?  It is officially summer in the Markmiller household.  Let the rumpus begin.

Things I love about summer:  (also titled random thoughts going through my head at the beginning of summer)

  • no early mornings 
  • late bedtimes 
  • fireflies
  • the pool is open
  • this means I put on a bathing suit
  • which means I curse a lot
  • and cry
  • and wail
  • and then get in the pool and feel uber skinny 
  • because you really are weightless in water.
  • so I end up staying there all day
  • and wrinkle up
  • but I don't care.  I am weightless in water.
  • snow cones
  • bike riding around the lake
  • Maisy killing the bird making a nest on our porch
  • so, ok, I don't like that about summer.
  • late night lightening storms
  • Old Navy sundresses
  • sandals on Katie Mei's feet
  • Katie Mei's painted toenails
  • popcicles outside
  • chalk drawing on the driveway
  • watching the kids run around playing in the backyard together with nary a care in the world.
  • the word nary.
  • sweaty heads hugging me
  • the smell of sunscreen
  • and bug spray
  • I hate ticks
  • and mosquitos
  • one time I had two ticks in my underware after a hike.
  • I screamed and threw my panties away.
  • armadillos are cool
  • and a little creepy
  • trips to Pop's 
  • cool showers after playing outside for hours
  • pajamas till noon
  • listening to my kids giggle about the Brady Bunch
  • finding frogs in our yard
  • that is NOT my favorite
  • I kinda have a little fear of frogs
  • one swam at me one time in Palm Springs
  • I cried for a day
  • and have never been the same about frogs.
  • ice cream
  • Ok, I love ice cream all the time, but it just tastes better in summer
  • new neighbors
  • old neighbors who call the city to complain about weeds under our trees
  • I won't go any further
  • but I call her Mrs. Kravitz
  • sitting on our rocking chairs on the back porch
  • with my toes touching Michael's
  • vacation plans
  • weekend get away plans
  • football camp
  • play practice
  • family dinners
  • hamburgers
  • Rosetta Stone, Chinese
  • heaven help me!
  • Dossier to China this Friday.
  • another Markmiller with us next summer
  • for sweet drippy ice cream cones
  • bubble blowing
  • firefly catching
  • and another sweet head to kiss goodnight…..

Bring it on summer!



Favorite Photo Friday!

And these are brand spankin' new!!  Thank you Sunny for the amazing photos….

Turtle look

And an update:

My leg is doing better!  I had an MRI last night.  Won't get the results until Tuesday- but today I feel a HUGE difference….and Sammy is feeling better for sure!  Still has a funky rash, but no more throwing up.  And that is a good thing.  Happy Weekend!!!   

Some days are just tough.

So there's me.  While my leg is not broken, it is mamed a little.  Yes, ask me what I did.  I got up. Yup.  That is it.  I got up.  From taking this photo…. 

Yes- sweet and beautiful- and I will be sharing more of these amazing photos taken by my sweet friend, and gifted photographer, Sunny….

So I stood up.  Yep. That is what I did.  I stood up.  And then my leg hurt.  A LOT.  So now, I am in a splint….and have to admit I took it off yesterday, but it is back on now…..and am going for an MRI this evening.  We shall see.  Getting around on crutches with three children is tough.

Getting around on crutches with a vomiting child is harder.  My poor sweet Sammy is so sick.  He started on Monday, throwing up all day, and then sporting a funky rash.  Two doctor visits later, he was doing much better.  Yesterday, had a great day- he went to his last day of school, play practice, and then church.  He was great.  Went to bed and slept until around 7.  Then he proceeded to just lay down.  And look pale.  And is sporting a small fever.  And then he threw up again.  Back to square one.  And back to the doctor.  

So.  Our dossier did not make it ti China this week.  And I have a home that is a PIT.  And kids who are watching TV.  And my food intake has increased.  Oh some days are tough.    

Just one more document….


It is killing me.  This wait.  Seriously- we are waiting on one document that is being authenticated right now in this building.  The Chinese Consulate of Houston.  If it weren't such a long drive, I would be in my car right now driving down to beg for our document.

Once that is in our hands, our dossier can finally go to China.  

The steps after that are both clear and unclear to me.  This process is so different then when we adopted this little peanut

5 years ago.

We will get our Log In Date and then within a couple of months, we should get our official approval from China.  Then we can share our little honey with the world!  

And then hopefully soon after (after many steps that I am a little clueless about), our travel approval and then we go to China!

We are taking everyone with us.


We may be crazy.

In fact, we are.

But we cannot imagine not bringing all three with us this time.  And they are SO excited about it.  I am already praying about it.  And thinking of running away.  


A little.

But I am also thinking about our sweet Lauren Grace.  She has been woven into our hearts and our life.  I cannot WAIT to tell her story to you, and share truly, how God has showed us that she is a Markmiller.  

She is in an amazing place.  She is loved.  She is growing and developing.  We can see in all her photos that she is full of sunshine.  And has a funny personality.  And loves to eat treats.  And is clever.

And we cannot believe that we have the absolute joy of being her family.

Oh Houston…..please….hurry. 



And so…

Since there is no new news to report, oh, except that Katie Mei is graduating Kindergarten tonight- oh my gravy (love those cowboys on The Amazing Race)- photos will be here soon.

Things that really have happened to me.  Or that I have done.  

You are welcome.

  • A sister of mine, who shall remain nameless, but she knows who she is, threw a frozen tub of butter at my head.
  • I ducked.
  • The tub scraped a section of wallpaper off our wall.
  • We put a potted tree in front of it.
  • I got kicked out of American History class in 11th grade.
  • I laughed during a documentary on JFK's assassination.
  • The newscaster said "and Mrs. Kennedy was heard to have said, oh, no."
  • just like that.
  • and boy did I laugh,
  • and boy did I get kicked out of class.
  • When I was in pre kindergarten I wanted to hold the class guinnea pig,
  • I did, and then it felt warm on my hands.  
  • I thought it peed on me.
  • So I left the piggie on the floor while we went out to play.
  • It ate 5 books.
  • And it hadn't peed.
  • I was scared of Mighty Milk- who came to visit my pre-school.
  • I still remember him.  
  • Who wouldn't be scared of a big milk carton with legs?
  • yeah.
  • My sister, who shall remain nameless, told me the Matterhorn at Disneyland ran slower at night so little kids could ride it.
  • I believed her.
  • When I was in my sisters wedding, I looked like a boy.
  • And people called my my father's son.
  • I cried for days.  
  • I one time had a Bay City Rollers/Pinky Tuskadero haircut.
  • I had a facination with Princess Diana.
  • And after my Bay City Rollers haircut, I got a Princess Di do.
  • Hence the fact that I looked like a boy.
  • I used to throw my vitamins behind the dresser in my closet.
  • One time I was imitating my Uncle sneezing and running at the same time, and I ran into a door. 
  • I got a huge huge lump on my head.
  • I had a friend named Twinkie in grade school.
  • I was best friends with a boy who used to direct me in scenes at recess.
  • He is now a really famous screen writer and director.
  • He had a series on TV.
  • He named a character after me.
  • She was a hussy.
  • Should I be insulted?
  • Or flattered?
  • Michael W. if you read this, please let me know.
  • I used to ride my bike to Pronto Market to get donuts.
  • And I ate them all on the way home.
  • I became and Aunt at 7.
  • no one believed me.
  • We used to put tape on our cats paws and make him walk on carpet.
  • We used to put peanut butter on a tape recorder microphone and make my dog lick it off.
  • Then we would listen to the tape,
  • and laugh.
  • My sister, who shall remain nameless, used to tie my feet together and make me walk up and down a step in my house.
  • I used to go to dog training with my dad just to get a coke from the machine.
  • I used to tape record TV shows so I could listen to them later.
  • Like Diff'rent Strokes
  • and Facts of Life.
  • My sister and I used to watch Love Boat and Fantasy Island every Saturday night.
  • I saw Grease 9 times in the theater.
  • I saw Xanadu 3 times.
  • I pretended I was Olivia Newton John for awhile.
  • Shut up.
  • I ate peanut butter and mayo sandwiches.
  • and loved them.
  • One time while taking a bath, I ate a Hostess Crumb Cake.
  • The kind with all those little cinnamon crumb thingys on the top
  • which fall off easily
  • a lot fell off in the tub
  • My sister thought I had pooped in the tub.
  • The end.