Another Step Down….


Today we got the news that we got our Pre-Approval from the CCAA.  Another step in our walk towards Lauren!!  

Sometimes, like this afternoon, when when my kids are all around me- laying by me on the couch- watching Phineas and Ferb, playing hide and seek….and yellin' at each other….and I think, where is she?  She should be here.  And in the same breath, I think What are we doing?  

I know with all my heart it is the right thing.  But sometimes I get scared.  And nervous.  And anxious.  

And more ready every day.



6 thoughts on “Another Step Down….

  1. You guys amaze me! There’s so much love in your family, you have no choice but to share! We look forward to meeting Lauren! Katie’s going to be a big sister, I imagine she’s excited?!

  2. We brought our 5 year old daughter home from Henan in December – she was in the Hebi City orphanage – this brings back happy memories – enjoy every minute!!
    Wendy in PA
    Mom to Sabrina Li

  3. I remember being nervous when we got our referral for Caroline. “Can I handle another one?” “What if (fill in the blank)”.
    And yet, excited at the same time.

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