Things you ponder whilst waiting in the adoption arena….

otherwise known as….another random list to take up my time.  And not obsess.  that much.

  • trying to eat healthy feels good
  • it is also hard
  • what is my little one doing right now?
  • is she sleeping?
  • eating?
  • playing with her foster momma?
  • when my kids sniff it bugs me.
  • because they won't blow their noses.
  • and it sounds gross.
  • my favorite razor it the venus
  • and I have to shave my legs on days I change the sheets
  • which happens a lot
  • and it happened today.
  • tmi?
  • the show House is becoming an obsession for Michael and I.
  • when will our clearance come from USCIS?
  • when will we get our PA?
  • when will our dossier finally go to China?
  • will I ever learn some Chinese?
  • except for how to say fart.  Thank you Ben Ho.
  • Thunder UP!
  • sorry.
  • I cannot WAIT to see my niece graduate in a couple of weeks.
  • I love my nieces and nephew so so much.
  • and I miss them
  • and Lindsay and Taylor can make me laugh till I can't breath
  • so can my sisters
  • and Courtney
  • she is my sister from another mister
  • and I miss her too
  • last night we left Sammy at the park.
  • because he wouldn't get into the car
  • because he wanted snow cones.
  • and we said no
  • so we drove around the block.
  • and he was still sitting there.
  • he is a goober.
  • Maisy doesn't eat her poop!!!
  • at least for today.
  • tomorrow she will ask for it on a plate.
  • there is a commercial for land o' lakes butter on the tv right now
  • why does bread and butter taunt me so?
  • why is there an o' in land o' lakes?
  • what can't they say of?
  • kinda like kibbles n' bits
  • who wants n' bits of anything?
  • remember that dog food that was shaped like a hamburger and wraped in plastic?
  • and then it kinda crumbled?
  • yeah,  we used to feed our dogs food like that
  • and I think we got it at Fazio's or El Rancho
  • anyone remember those markets?
  • I love fried rice
  • but only the fried rice in China.
  • speaking of China
  • anyone watch Tori and Dean?
  • ok,
  • I am done
  • really.  
  • I am.

7 thoughts on “Things you ponder whilst waiting in the adoption arena….

  1. OMG, Jenny, you are hilarious! I love the way your brain works. So excited to hear about your new adventure!!

  2. Love it. Do I have to admit that I watch Tori and Dean? I will also admit that I watch Kristie Alley Big fat life. Ok, also Kimora Fab life but only because I need something to keep me on the treadmill on Mondays and all that gets recorded on Sunday. Really that is the only reason. OH I am proud of you for eating healthier, do you have any new favorite meals? You need to give us your Healthy menu planning. I think I have eaten more fruit in the past few months than ever before, and I am eating the kind of bread that my mom always tried to get me to eat but I hated. Now I am pushing it on my kids, you know the stuff with no High fructose corn syrup. They are taking it much better than I would have, then again I made them watch Food Inc. so I freaked them out. I should have started writing with the bullet things like you did but I am too lazy to fix it. Get your clearance already so you can go public with the pic of little miss Lauren šŸ™‚ You know she is sitting with her foster mom trying to convince her to give her another jello. I can’t wait to see a picture of her with a big ass “Pasadena girl” bow in her hair. Gotta go watch something mindless on TV talk to you tomorrow.

  3. This is hillarious, Jenny! I love the random tangents that your mind branches off to…I’m often the same way, so I followed all too easily! LOL!!
    Oh how I can’t WAIT for your PA so we can see that sweet face! I’m obcessed with seeing my bloggy friends’ referral photos of their precious new additions. God is so faithful, and the fit is always perfect! Any hints? How OLD is she? Where is she from? If you need someone to secretly review her photo, I’m authorized! šŸ˜‰ LOL!!
    It was so neat to learn that you know Joy! She has been such a God-send! And she just sent me the most complete lists to help with packing, shopping, etc…which is SO nice as I’m preparing for our travels. Just two more weeks til take-off!! EEEEK! (that was me ‘squealing’ in excitement!)
    Have a blessed week! <

  4. Love this post!
    And in addition to “fang pi”, you can say “wo ei nie” (wo-eye-knee), which means “I love you”. Of course, my son prefers “fang-pi”. The good thing about it is that he doesn’t actually know the word “fart” yet, so while he is at the age where he announces his (and everyone else’s) bodily functions loudly, only those who speak Chinese know what he’s saying.
    We take him to Chinese school once a week, and there are lots of adopted children there. Do you have something similar in your area? Not only is it fun for him, but it helps me remember my Chinese and helps my husband learn it. It’s only 60 minutes long, so it’s more like a play date for my son — lots of singing and dancing and learning Chinese words and customs.

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