Favorite Photo Friday!

Oh how I wish I could show you a few new favorite photos…..

But, we have to wait.

I can share some older ones…..

Like this one of Sam.

Or this one of Jack and Katie Mei

Or this of me and my sisters.  Sorry.  But ooh I miss you guys.

And, I can officially announce the name of our newest daughter (ok, provided she likes it…)

Miss Lauren Grace (Chinese name) Markmiller

5 thoughts on “Favorite Photo Friday!

  1. I love that name! and Im sure Miss Lauren Will love it too! (you know now, I’m going to have to call her Miss Lauren every time I use her name :))

  2. Love the photos and love your newest daughter’s name! My daughter’s middle name is Grace as well, named for my grandmother on my Caucasian side and my aunt on my Taiwanese side. “Wenmei” (my name) is Wen-Mei, which means Grace and Beauty, just like your two darling daughters!

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