We are in awe.  And amazed.  And once we get all the confirmation from China, we will share everything….but for now, we are thankful and in awe.  We have accepted a referral for a little girl!!!  And there are red threads given to us by God galore…we can't wait to tell the story.  We are over the moon in love, and beyond blessed.


12 thoughts on “Amazed

  1. Yay Markmiller’s!! Congratulations! I’m sure it’s a perfect match! So thankful for adoption and it’s many blessings! Will be praying for you on this journey!

  2. Jenny, this is INCREDIBLE news!! I’ve been following your journey since you started. Well, I guess I actually started following your blog after your sister ‘introduced’ us via fb when your niece Lindsey served at NewDay last summer. (She was such a blessing to me, btw!…she gathered together as many photos as she could get for me…priceless!) Anyway, I’m so excited for you. It seems like this has all happened so fast for your family, and I can’t wait until you can share the details! Praying for you that everything moves along quickly. We are finally on our way to Khloe in less than 3 weeks. We’ll be staying at NewDay up front…SO excited.
    Congratulations on your exciting news!! God is GOOD!!! <

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