Memory Box Monday


My sweet friend, Karen wrote a sweet post, and I wanted to take part.  So I travelled on over to another one of the blogs I have visited before, A Place Called Simplicity, where Linny runs this on Mondays….thought I would take part.

I have been thinking so much about China lately.  Not only because of our impending adoption, but in celebrating 5 years with Katie Mei.

So my memory today is from 5 years ago in early April in Changsha, China.  We had gotten Katie Mei a day or two before this day.  Michael and I were feeling cooped up in our hotel room, eager to get out for a bit, if only for a walk.  It was chilly, so we bundled Katie Mei up complete with blankets galore so we would not upset the Clothing Police.


We headed out of the Hotel, and down the streets of Changsha.  Small store fronts dotted our path.  Food stands stood in front of us with pots boiling and meat grilling.  Women were sweeping in front of their stores and along the street.  School children bounced past us in uniforms giggling at us and saying "hello" in english.

We decided to venture into a big supermarket.  We walked in and oogled at the huge McDonalds that was in the lobby of the Market.  Remembering that we still needed to try the Spicy Chicken Sandwich that our friend Kristine told us about.


And then a couple of ladies came up beside me.  And looked at me, looked at Michael and looked at Katie Mei.  I knew they didn't understand.  International adoption is not very well known- in Changsha, China.  We stood out.  We were puzzling.  Thankfully, we had a little card written in Chinese telling our story.  And that we would promise to love Katie Mei and that we were bringing her home to the United States.  One woman read the card, and smiled and gave us a thumbs up and then it started.  Soon, we were surrounded.  And all the people were touching Katie Mei on the head and saying "lucky baby" and giving us thumbs up.


It was a moment I will NEVER forget.  

And forever thankful for this little girl who completely stole my heart.

Go visit A Place Called Simplicity for more Memory Box Mondays.    



5 thoughts on “Memory Box Monday

  1. How cool. It was so hot in Guangzhou that poor Ellie roasted to avoid the glares of the clothing police… Her pant leg pulled up from all her wiggling and we got a scolding! Really.
    Did you like the spicy chicken? We did.

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