40 things I ponder

3 months until I hit the big 4-0.  In honor of that, here is a list of 40 things I ponder.  Often daily.  

  1. Why do I love shows about Hoarding?
  2. What is the point of squeakers in dog toys. 
  3. Why don't vegetables entice me?
  4. Track suits
  5. leisure suits
  6. those rompers from the 70's-80's that are back in
  7. why I wore knickers and thought I looked so cute
  8. Crocodile Dundee
  9. dark circles under my eyes
  10. pimples….when I am ALMOST 40. 
  11. The Oklahoma Cowboys on The Amazing Race.
  12. Oh my gravy
  13. beer, and my dislike for it
  14. Octoberfest
  15. Alpine Village in Torrance.  A little creepy.  A little fun.
  16. where can I get really great coconut smelling shampoo
  17. what is the point of homework
  18. and why do I have to enforce it
  19. Pokemon
  20. and my dislike to the game
  21. no eye cream helps
  22. Sonic ice
  23. I am really tired
  24. The fact that I can't drink caffeine anymore
  25. because it keeps me up all night
  26. and makes me feel pukey
  27. that I just used the word pukey
  28. my niece is graduating from college
  29. I miss playing Little Mermaid in the pool with her
  30. of course she was 2 when we did that
  31. Jack's dimple
  32. Sammy's ability to make me laugh
  33. Katie's doll tea party that I was invited to 
  34. My date with Michael last night
  35. Horseback riding
  36. The exercise I should be doing right now.
  37. my hair
  38. heaven
  39. my sisters, and how I miss them
  40. Summer

One thought on “40 things I ponder

  1. We watch Hoarding so that we feel a little better about our house being just a little cluttered.
    Pokemon – don’t get me started! We can live our whole lives without ever needing to understand.
    I’m with ya on the beer thing. I do like Alpine Village in Torrance, though I’ve only been there once. And then I got “the visit from the aunt” and was in so much pain I had to go home.
    And the homework?? I had hoped I was done with homework when I graduated college and here I am doing it again! This time I AM THE ENFORCER! Bwahahaha!
    A fun list to read. Got me pondering….
    Oh, and I love the reminiscing of China in the next post. Sigh….

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